A bit of housekeeping

So I know updates have been spotty for a while now, and I never really addressed it, but i think now is a good time to do that. There are a few factors to this and the primary one lately is I’ve been pretty burnt out. I mean, I’ve been doing this since 2008, so I think that’s pretty understandable.

For a while I tried to push the comic as a possible way to earn money for doing someone I love, but that never really panned out, which is fine, but it does mean that the comic takes a back seat to things like uni, and work.

Another factor is I’m going to be moving to Canada later this month, and it could take a while before I’m set up again to work on comics!

I guess the short of what I’m saying is that life is happening, and the current update schedule is now set to “when I can.”

Who knows, maybe I’ll just start updating in chapters, or clusters instead of page by page. I mean the wait’s long enough as it is, right? Might as well make the updates substantial.

We’ll see!

Anyway, as always, if you want to use social media to let you know when updates have happened please feel free to follow me on twitter or facebook and thanks for sticking around all this time!


  1. Alasdair

    Life happens, and when ever is fine, though I’d prefer 3 a week! Thanks for sharing your universe here, with us.

  2. Sandman366

    It’s been “whenever” for a while now anyway, hasn’t it? This just gives it an official notice. Take your time! It’s a fun story to read, but there’s no rush. (Right….?) Someone will hang around to wait for new pages. I see no need to not see new pages as they come out, so….might as well, right?

  3. TheMetalDude

    Hey, so long as we get to see the story continue in some way, we’re happy. Don’t sweat the update schedule too much.

  4. Rose

    Absolutely prioritize work/school/your happiness over the comic! I really hope you don’t get completely burnt out on it, though. I can handle the sporadic updates, but my recent re-reading has reminded me how much I love your writing and sense of humor. It was also really cool to see the evolution of your art all at once. Don’t force yourself to keep working on this if it’s really more stressful than anything, we the readers will understand either way. I would be incredibly sad to see this comic go, but you need to do what’s best for you. c:

  5. Alasdair

    Man, I could really do with a Canon fix….

  6. Jamie

    I havnt forgotten the comic, don’t worry, just very busy lately.

  7. Meaty

    After you move to Canada you can make a new comic called the Fancy Adventures of Jack Cananda
    To which city? Ottawa is a personal favourite but Toronto has more happening

  8. Jelly

    I keep coming back every week or so

  9. Vega

    I miss reading your comic, good sir. I hope life is treating you well and we can hear from you again soon. :)

  10. Alasdair

    You officially a Canuk yet? Lost another fine artist to Vancouver Island this year, I sure hope the two of you get going again.

  11. Lisa

    But it’s cold in Canada.

  12. Ooorah

    Oh man, I was hoping for a Christmas Shark. Any chance he’ll be showing up by new years?

  13. crazyredemu

    This is still one of my favorite web comics, I check for new updates about once a week.

  14. Matt

    I miss it too. I still check daily just to see if there is an update. I hope your move went well.

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