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And suddenly I am busy.

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Whew! Looks like I’m back to working again! The job is an animating gig, so I’m pretty pumped about it. It will be nice to get paid again, also.

Good news is this shouldn’t affect Jack Cannon and his Adventures as I have a fair bunch of pages already drawn and am drawing more still. Also I have decided that it would be a good idea to actually post more news on this page instead of maintaining such absolute radio silence.

I think I will start looking into advertising this site around some places, you know? Get the word out. The archive isn’t huge or anything yet, but it’s not slowing down either.

Anyway, uh, yeah, that’s it.

We will speak again, internet.

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

Well, work is pretty awesome. It’s good to see a lot of old faces again as well a few new ones. I managed to keep my comic page drawing goal thing consistent too! Fantastic.
I’m almost done drawing chapter two and am looking forward to beginning chapter three. If I can keep this pace up without burning out, everything is going to be awesome. 😀

Whoa man, I’m just watching Beijing the closing ceremony. The Chinese displayed some seriously efficient flag folding technics. Impressive.

Alright. Sleep now.


Monday, September 29th, 2008

Sorry about the slightly late update, I had a very busy Monday evening. But hey, so there you go, today is the last page in chapter one of Fancy Adventures!

And now that that’s done tune in on Friday for the exciting beginning of CHAPTER TWO! WOAH!

*insert picture form last news post*

In where I speak to you through the Internet.

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

So its been a while since I’ve put a news post of any kind up here, mainly because there’s been nothing I’ve really considered newsworthy happen lately and anything else would really just be self indulgent mindless babble or something like that.
You know how it is.

Though the downside to this is that the news section hasn’t been updated since two thousand and friggin’ eight. SO! From time to time I will now post things such as my feelings, favorite colour (you better believe that’s how I spell it.), what I am wearing and what video game I am playing.
I will understand fully and without question if you could not care any less.
It’s cool, really. I just want this part of the website to feel more loved.
If you’re okay with that then take my manly yet surprisingly smooth hand and join me on my mundane adventures!

To kick this semi revival off I though I would start by talking about something on topic with the Jack Cannon comic you have all come here to read:
I have decided to reduce the size of the comic by about 5 percent or so. Personally, I think the line work looks nicer this way and it has the double benefit of not being humongous for people who view the site at anything less than 1920×1200… That’s right, Average Joe, not only am I thinking about you, but I care, too!
I might reduce all the previous comics so everything matches, but then, I don’t know if reeeally want to. I’d rather time spent on the Fancy Adventures to be progressing the story and making more comics instead of making the old ones smaller.

Oh and hey, also while I remember, readership has picked up a little bit since I started doing some advertising. I’d like to welcome all you new readers and I hope you are enjoying the comic! All the comments I have been getting have been awesome to read. …Mmmmminus the Viagra spam.

White noise sets the mood.

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Those crazy hackers and their crazy hacking! What’s going to happen to Frankie?! And have they forgotten about Gavin and left him to the devices of the MI?
Sadly those are questions for another day! We’ll take our leave of Gavin and his purple suit and focus our gaze back onto Jack and his (fancy) adventures this Friday.
Thanks for reading!

-But enough about my drawings…

Friday, May 29th, 2009

So i figure its about high time I mentioned fan art, since I just happen to have a couple of pieces right here, for your enjoyment! Click on them to see them in all their full-sized glory!
It's Jack! The first one is a piece I got a while ago from Carl Sjostrand, a man who’s last name I have never been sure how to pronounce.
Its Jack vs Hackers! And I found this one yesterday on Ben Fleuter’s Deviant Art page, which was a pretty awesome surprise!
Anyway, both these pictures are awesome, and thanks to the artists who took the time to draw them!

Oh man, so tired…

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Hey guys, small chance you might notice some slight differences with the page. I’ve been messing around with wordpress all day and have finally gotten something I am halfway happy with.
Know what I hate? Making web pages. Barf.

Anyways, okay, whatever, bedtime. Leave a little comment if you notice something broken. The archives should be fine though, and that’s my main concern.

-Jamie out (like a light.)

Some stuff to talk about.

Friday, June 19th, 2009

Hey check it out, the comic got a couple of reviews! Aw yeah. The first one is pretty small and part of Carl’s follow Friday, which is here and there is a much longer one over at the WebcomiCritic. Check ’em out!

Quickly shifting gears I picked up prototype for the PC the other day. It’s pretty fun and essentially the Hulk Ultimate Destruction with gore. So much gore. My main issue is the main character has no moral compass at all and I can’t shake this feeling that I’m playing the bad guy.
Luckily its a big dumb action game, so turning my brain off when I play and ignoring the story helps immensely. Booyah.

And a quick thanks to everyone commenting, you guys have made making this comic that much more enjoyable.
I’ll be out all weekend so try not to break the place while I’m gone.