Some stuff to talk about.

Hey check it out, the comic got a couple of reviews! Aw yeah. The first one is pretty small and part of Carl’s follow Friday, which is here and there is a much longer one over at the WebcomiCritic. Check ’em out!

Quickly shifting gears I picked up prototype for the PC the other day. It’s pretty fun and essentially the Hulk Ultimate Destruction with gore. So much gore. My main issue is the main character has no moral compass at all and I can’t shake this feeling that I’m playing the bad guy.
Luckily its a big dumb action game, so turning my brain off when I play and ignoring the story helps immensely. Booyah.

And a quick thanks to everyone commenting, you guys have made making this comic that much more enjoyable.
I’ll be out all weekend so try not to break the place while I’m gone.


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