You’re late.

I know, I know; where have I been? I’m so sorry for the huge wait between updates guys. I’ve been hit with a lot of stuff recently, mainly from uni (which I’m finishing up this year!) but that’s only part of it. At this point the comic is a big ol’ passion project that I’m basically doing because I love it, however I’ve been suuuper burnt out on it lately and I’ve sat down to work on the comic multiple times only to walk away frustrated. Finally I sat down this week and was able to actually to produce something half decent! When will I update next? I’m not sure. I’d like to say in one weeks time, and I’ll do my best to achieve it!

Reflecting on the slow updates and the time it takes to make them, I’ve decided after this current story arc finishes I’ll switch to black and white updates. I might go back afterwards and colour those pages but honestly I just want to move the story forward, and this will cut my workload down a ~ton~

As always I’ll be posting update notices on my Twitter

and on the Fancy Adventures Facebook page

And hell, if you care about other things I do I’ve also go this Tumblr which I use for art

And this lets play channel or whatever.

And I was a guest on a Podcast recently!

Anyway, if you’re still with me after all this time, thank you. I love you. Let’s do lunch sometime.


  1. ZesuBen

    That’s a good plan. Color is great for dramatic effect and all, but I know plenty of black and white comics that get by on just shading. I’m just pumped there’s finally an update. 😀 Don’t push yourself too hard now.

  2. Pan

    Thanks for the update and if I ever visit Australia I’ll buy you lunch!

  3. Proto

    That story arc where Jack’s parents met looked awesome in black and white.
    The way you shade things, it just looks so…fancy! 😉

  4. Scott

    Thanks for the update. B&W and a story is great news, Going from Major Uni to left brain can cause a burnt interface, hopefully both sides regenerate well.

  5. Harry

    Yaaaaay! Update finally so Happy!!!!!!!!

  6. Trent

    I’ve said it before to other webcomic artists… F People and timely updates, while we do like them, you have to do what you have to do for yourself. If they are real fans they will stick around and check in. If they are fair-weather fans…F them

  7. Disloyal Subject

    Ah, here it is. Just had to check in the archive.
    Take all the time you need; so long as the comic lives on I, for one, am happy.

  8. A relived reader

    Where do you propose we go for lunch?

  9. A relived reader

    Somewhere sufficiently, ahem, “fancy” I presume?

  10. guest

    Fans or die hard fans…. if you keep breaking our hearts with no updates… most will start to lose hope. Good luck with your life and maybe I’ll check back again in a few years…. I hate waiting. That’s just who I am. But it’s been a great run! My siblings also like this story so… can’t wait for more updates in the future. Good luck and see ya in a few years peeps!

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  13. cyphs557

    Hey, no worries about the updates, life happens and if you need to make that priority one you should. Love the comic and i look forward to more, no matter how long we may have to wait.

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    Thank you for all your wonderful comics. I love this and I still check consistently.

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  17. CpK

    I’m so glad that you’re updating again!

    I’ll be happy with B/W comics, honestly I just would like more Jack Cannon in my life. That being said, school/personal well-being come first, so make sure you take care of those beforehand.

  18. binkmagician

    Please DO NOT switch to B/W updates, color adds so much life to your comics! I’d rather have a less frequent color update schedule than a more frequent B/W update schedule!

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    The Fancy Adventures of Jack Cannon – A Webcomic – » Archive » You’re late….

  20. RazorD9

    Expunge the rainbow!

    Re-taste the rainbow!

  21. Scott

    UnBurn! UNBurn!!!! Please! Yeah I’m still here!

    I understand, B&W is just fine, the strong points is the story and drawing. The Color is pure heaven though, but I don’t need it to make me keep reading.
    Good Luck getting through the last of Uni.

  22. marsgreekgod

    So your going to black and white, after this? did he barf so much color he drained color from the world. because if so I appove

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    The Fancy Adventures of Jack Cannon – A Webcomic – » Archive » You’re late.

  24. Scott

    Yes, B&W is just fine, I really am appreciating the story progressing along at a nice pace, thanks!

  25. Ether101

    I wonder if this is going to be one of those “Its my fault that they died.” type of deals.

  26. Disloyal Subject

    We’ve got spambots in the comments again, it seems.

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