I’m leaving on a boat.

Hey guys, this weekend I’ll be moving back to Melbourne to begin University, it should be pretty good! I am really excited! What that means for you is I’m going to take a couple of weeks off to get myself sorted and settled. As way of apology(?) I have posted a double long comic today because I care too much.
What does this mean in the long run? I have no idea what to expect from uni but fair warning: if have to start slowing down on updates, then that’s what I’m gonna do. Jack Cannon has dominated my life for around four years now and I have no intention dropping the comic until I’m done with it. (or is that when it’s done with me?)
So, I don’t know, maybe I’ll slow down to one update a week when I have to? Maybe the comic will shift to black and white? Maybe I’ll be fine and there will be no changes at all? No idea yet. I just thought I’d warn you.
Sooo… just be ready for something… or nothing… to happen. And I’ll see you in two weeks!


  1. Sanddunee

    Wishing you the best of luck then. Take your time, we can wait.

  2. gangler

    I saw the headline and assumed you were going on the Jococruisecrazy. Congratz on the University!

  3. James

    That’s sounds great well done and what course are you studying ?! ; D

  4. Tommeh!!!

    As much as I love this comic, I do believe it’s better if you don’t let it completely dominate your life.
    Anyway, best of luck for the future!

  5. ASP

    Why did this make me think of Lonely Island’s “I’m on a Boat” ?

  6. Wheat

    Awesome! Enjoy university and definitely DO NOT let the comic get in the way of anything.

  7. ninjakitties

    Good luck at uni! We believe in you!

  8. Meaty


    Seriously, every day I check back at this site, even though I know you only update M/F, just to keep rereading the same comics. Hope you’ll manage to keep up your update schedule!

  9. Li'l D

    Black and white… I could live with black and white. That’s not saying I prefer it over what you give us NOW, but I’d rather have simpler art than have the story slowed down. I say if you have to choose, choose black-and-white drawings and maybe even cut another minor corner here and there. For now anyway. Maybe after you’ve been in college for awhile you could come back and spiff up some of the ones you slacked on?

    Anyway, bravo on a VERY unique and creative story so far!

  10. Ether101

    Have you thought about releasing it on a monthly bases in an issue format?

  11. B'Hain

    His eyes are bleeding a little bit still. And if this is just the beginning and Gavin was just the level one boss I am afraid to see the level two boss.

  12. SprightlyOaf

    Hm… no expectation of dropping it? Strange… It really seems like the story is slowing to a close. Must say, I’m wondering what’s up next.

  13. Tom dodson

    Hey dude, I live in melbourne! want to catch up and have a drink? I’ll show you some cool places…. send me an email..

  14. KittenyKat

    You’ve been leaving on a boat every day for nearly a year! :O So many boats, sooo many….

    *hem* How about a new newspost sometime? XD

  15. TPman

    Can’t lose another one? Another what?
    Either way it’s pretty inconsiderate of them to be putting so much of your focus on other things when your kid is in the hospital.

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