Commissions reopened!

Hey guys, last year I opened up commissions, but had to stop due to work commitments taking up all my time. Unfortunately that’s not the case any more and for the past year I’ve been freelance which is… pretty horrible. I haven’t had any work for the last couple of months and my funds have pretty much dried up. So, the bad news is I’m broke, but the good news is commissions are open again!


So, if you’ve enjoyed reading about Jack Cannon and stuff and want to help make a tough situation tolerable, then thank you! Below is a small Q and A about the commissions.


Q: How much?

A: The starting price is 20$ for a black and white image or a character. The picture can be in colour, but that will cost a little extra (depending on the picture.)


Q: Can I have more than one character, will it cost more?

A: It depends on the complexity of the picture. The short answer is yes and maybe.


Q: What won’t you draw?

A: Dirty stuff, anything morally offensive.


Q: Can you draw my original characters, or characters from other comics/shows/ect? 

 A: Yes.


Q: Can I commission you to draw an early comic update? I gotta know what happens next! 

A: Sure man, but it’ll cost you a cool $100.


Q: Will buying a book help you out?

A: Sadly, No. Every book that sells gets me less than two dollars. My location makes it really difficult to make a profit off books. They’re really there more for people who want a hard copy, not for me to make money with.


Q: I don’t want anything, can I just donate?

A: Certainly!


You can sent me requests at jamie(at)

If you have any questions not answered here, feel free to ask in the comments section!


  1. Golem

    What about shirts? Will buying shirts help?

  2. Jamie


  3. Lady

    I know this might get pretty bad, but somehow I doubt that this is the end of Max Facepuncher.

  4. Me

    Can i snail mail you money due to lack of credit card?

  5. Jamie

    If you’d like to, you can email me for an address

  6. mastermenthe

    Is it possible to commission you to make more pages?
    It’s win/win~

  7. Jamie

    Yep, I mention that in question 5

  8. Testa

    Have you thought about doing something like Goblins the comic does?

    Each part of the puzzle is updated every once in a while (not sure on the exact time frame)

  9. Jamie

    I’ve thought about it but I don’t think I have the numbers to make it work. Ive also thought about doing some bonus side comics stuff but I always get distracted halfway through from prioritizing the main comic.

  10. pan_dim_onium

    More out of curiosity, do you have some samples of your non-Jack Cannon work? Like old commissions?

  11. Jamie

    Uumm, not really, no. I’ve been drawing nothing buy Jack Cannon stuff for the last few years (I tend to get extremely focused when I start a project) and I’ve only been asked to draw Jack Cannon related commissions so far. Drawing in other styles is no problem for me, though.

  12. Ether101 Prime

    You’re open to drawing stuff based on your own work. Would be willing to to a one off character idea for Max?

  13. Jamie

    If you are asking what I think you are, yes.

  14. O_O

    Wille Sie abzeichnen pelzartig verwandt Kunst

  15. Li'l D

    Somehow you seem less pushy than the other comic artists. More straightforward. I like your commission setup.

    I have no job now but I intend to get one. So tell me… could I commission something to put on a shirt? Is it even possible? How much would it cost?

  16. Jamie

    Possibly, it would depend on a few factors (i.e. is it a one off thing that you jus twant for yourself?) Feel free to shoot me an email at jamie (aht)

  17. FlyinMunky40

    I would buy a Wham! Shirt if you sold them. That is to say, please sell them.

  18. Me.

    I agree with the above poster. I would definatly pay for a Wham shirt if you sold them.

  19. Sug Sivad

    I’ve been designing my own webcomic. Could I email you a basic pic of some of the characters, and you could draw them?

  20. Jamie

    As a commission? Sure!

  21. vic

    how can i see all the vote incentives?

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