So I’ve decided to finally start making some shirts that will hopefully interest people. the store only has one shirt up at the moment, which is the image you see at the top of this post.

If you like it, please pick it up! I’ll be designing more shirts¬†over time, obviously.¬†

The store is over heeeere!


  1. James

    Well Well Well…is it an egg..a mutation..a clone..soon we shall know !!!!!!!! ; )

  2. James

    Above is meant of the comic page…cool shirt though!!!! ; )

  3. Vrominelli

    I may just buy that shirt. It depends on the cash-to-time factor though…

  4. TCC

    oh… fighting on a boat is nice… but fighting WITH a boat!

  5. Derenil

    I’d bet money that the body lying there is Gavin’s.

  6. JasperWolf

    Hehe – No wonder Gavin is so pissed with everyone, he was bald. :P

  7. xero

    Gavin is a digital construct used as an avatar for an Actual intelligence computer that used to be a person of the same name thats why he can hack my snaping his fingers the buttons on his gloves are for show

  8. Secret human.

    Please sell WHAM shirts!!!! PLEEAASSSEEE!!

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