I love a girl with eyes.

So I mentioned in twitter before that I was thinking about changing the way I did the characters eyes. And after playing around with it I think I will. It’s really not going to be that different but I’m kinda excited about it and wanted to share.

So anyway, here’s the kinda thing I’m talking about:


(Click for a larger image)

I don’t know what I was thinking when playing around with the shading for this. I probably wasn’t.

Anyways, its basically taking the un-joined black lines and.. you know, joining them. I tend to draw the iris a bit bigger because of this but I think it looks pretty good. I’ll post some more sketches later.

Also the change won’t be immediate. Since I’m planning on getting stuff printed I figure I’ll keep the eyes consistent and wont change them mid story. I am working on a side story at the moment though which will be a good chance to work it in though and give it a test run. More on that later.


  1. kanaka

    hmm, nice eyes are nice :)
    Now I’ll be paranoid and will be focusing on the eyes, fun.

  2. Davian Wolfe

    hOLLEEE GOD! I love this. Makes Angel even cuter. Dude carry on with it man. I mean it.

  3. Cyphs

    I have to say that looks friggin awesome and you should go with this style. looks great

  4. Benedict

    Hm, I see that you’ve put extra details into the image, excluding the eyes (such as the pants’ details). The line work (again, excluding the eyes) also seems to have changed, with more variation though that could just be me… Were these purposeful changes or just because you put more time into making the image?

    Either way, I think it looks great. Plus, the shading is neat (I still think you should have shading in all the comics but that might increase the time I have to wait between updates) if not slightly.. chaotic? The eyes also just give Angel (characters in general, I presume) a little more polish, which is great. Great stuff, Jamie.

  5. Hunter Kirizaki

    I like it. Do it, or I’ll punch you into submission like I did to Algebra.

  6. The Jester

    I like the shading, it makes me think of someone standing in a forest with the sun shining through the few openings in the foliage.

  7. Amber Thompson

    Eyes, are what we use to show emotion.

  8. Shinji Elric

    Looks like Starfire 😛

  9. Jety Lefr

    I like it.

  10. Meaty

    I, too, like it.

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