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I love a girl with eyes.

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

So I mentioned in twitter before that I was thinking about changing the way I did the characters eyes. And after playing around with it I think I will. It’s really not going to be that different but I’m kinda excited about it and wanted to share.

So anyway, here’s the kinda thing I’m talking about:


(Click for a larger image)

I don’t know what I was thinking when playing around with the shading for this. I probably wasn’t.

Anyways, its basically taking the un-joined black lines and.. you know, joining them. I tend to draw the iris a bit bigger because of this but I think it looks pretty good. I’ll post some more sketches later.

Also the change won’t be immediate. Since I’m planning on getting stuff printed I figure I’ll keep the eyes consistent and wont change them mid story. I am working on a side story at the moment though which will be a good chance to work it in though and give it a test run. More on that later.

I’m leaving on a boat.

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Hey guys, this weekend I’ll be moving back to Melbourne to begin University, it should be pretty good! I am really excited! What that means for you is I’m going to take a couple of weeks off to get myself sorted and settled. As way of apology(?) I have posted a double long comic today because I care too much.
What does this mean in the long run? I have no idea what to expect from uni but fair warning: if have to start slowing down on updates, then that’s what I’m gonna do. Jack Cannon has dominated my life for around four years now and I have no intention dropping the comic until I’m done with it. (or is that when it’s done with me?)
So, I don’t know, maybe I’ll slow down to one update a week when I have to? Maybe the comic will shift to black and white? Maybe I’ll be fine and there will be no changes at all? No idea yet. I just thought I’d warn you.
Sooo… just be ready for something… or nothing… to happen. And I’ll see you in two weeks!


Saturday, February 9th, 2013

You can actually buy Jack Cannon volume 1 Hardcover books?



Initially I worked to make a hard cover version of the book for indy planet a couple of years ago, and the books looked great! Then suddenly the service was put on hold, mush to my sadness.

Anyway, I was looking through indyplanet again recently since I am currently *spoiler* working on the second Jack Cannon Book *spoiler*  and found you can totally get a hardcover copy of The Fancy Adventure of Jack Cannon Volume 1 over here!

So, I mean, it’s like 25 bucks, and I get basically no profit at all from it but if you like hardcover books like I do then please pick it up. The idea that people have the coolest version of my stuff on their shelf is more important to me than making any type of profit off of my work. Probably because I am retarded. But yeah, they are *way* better than the softcover books I have linked in the store (which I will soon be updating) and you could probably use them to fight off an attacker because THEY ARE THE BEST THINGS!