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January 1st, 2016

Page 483

Jack is worried.


  1. shadowinthelight

    Don’t let this big-ass knife scare you, child.

    (still lamenting the lack of Christmas Shark)

  2. Ooorah

    Asking for his hand in marriage?!

    Yeah, I miss the Christmas shark this year too. He was practically part of the family at this point, albeit the part that you only see on holidays. Maybe the shark got married and is just spending this Christmas with the in-laws. Next year he can bring a new lady-shark to the Cannon’s.

  3. thelampknowzall

    Happy new years!!! Jack has ever right to be worried, she must know to never underestimate Lilly and her love of training opportunities.

  4. Ether

    Good to see another update.

  5. Anon3000

    She has not put the knife down. 😀

  6. Newllend(henryvolt)

    She wants her to train her, think about the hole thing with Greg started because her was after her not Jack. He just got cut up in the middle of that.

  7. Ivory

    Jack Cannon, it has been a long time since I read this comic, and in one day got all the way through it. A wonderful read, thank you.

  8. Jelly

    The suspence is killing me.

  9. Flaming Squirrel

    I miss this comic. Any plans to start updating again?

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