Page 482
November 6th, 2015

Page 482


  1. CptNerd

    Just keep smiling, and make no sudden moves.

  2. Ren

    I love the look in the last panel:
    “That jerk stole my outfit”

  3. GoldMoon

    Be careful, she can smell fear

  4. Proto

    Every time I think this comic is dead, it comes back. :)
    Thank God for feed readers!

    Also, I guess you took care of the hack from a while back? Glad to see you’re still updating.

  5. CyberSkull

    I’m just gonna slide just back around the corner.

  6. UKNinja

    WHERE DID THAT KNIFE COME FROM? Did Jack seriously gave it back to her?

  7. Jamie

    You can’t just go answer the door with a knife in hand, no matter what Mrs. Cannon might suggest!

  8. Ooorah

    Haha, these last few pages are still cracking me up. Love the look on Angel’s face.

  9. TheMetalDude

    Ya know, I can’t help noticing how detailed this page is. Your art has significantly improved. Keep up the good work.

  10. aylatrigger

    In response to UKNinja… Why on earth would she have only one knife? I can think of places to keep at least 4 in normal clothing. She probably wears stuff designed to hold even more knives…

  11. Sandman366

    Internal thoughts in last panel: “Yup. Knife. Not thrown yet, okay. Please, please, please don’t….”

  12. Some Unregistered Punk

    UKNinja…. she is sitting at a table. Not to mention her wardrobe.

  13. TPmanW

    Somehow, I can’t see Ms. Cannon throwing a knife at somebody who has no chance to dodge it.

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  15. Nobody


  16. Nirri

    Oh, hey! Updates!
    It’s been a while since I’ve read the this, so I’m glad to see you are still updating from time to time.

    Also, your black and white is getting better. I think your shading is improving.

  17. CommanderIke

    Nooo, but the Christmas shark… I LOVE the Christmas shark!

  18. Rose

    No Christmas shark this year? D: Sad.

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