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July 8th, 2016

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Betcha didn’t see this one coming! Canada is nice, hope you’re all doing well. I missed you and thought I should send you this nice present.


  1. Sora Hjort (@SoraHjort)

    Well, many of us saw this coming. The question comes down to.. How long will she last.
    Now taking bets!

  2. Nathaniel

    Yay, you’re still updating!

  3. Ooorah

    Yay! More comics!

    Yes, Angel, encourage them to stay more. And become a badass like Jack!

    Hmm… now I’m thinking about exactly what kind of training Jack went through…

    Yeah, best stick to basic self-defense. Doubt she’d have the stomach for full ninja training.

  4. Flaming Squirrel

    Holy schnauzers, an update! Well, she’s already holding a knife. Are you ready to dodge, Angel?

  5. Scott

    Glad the great white north is being good to you, and your sending us PRESENTS! YEAH!!!!

  6. Ether

    I think she might decline on the grounds that she doesn’t teach defense. But then will turn around and teach her anyways.

  7. marsgreekgod

    so glad to have you back. I never gave up on you!

  8. LostInPhilly89

    Yay! It’s been ages since the last update! This just made my night!
    Also, just a heads up, “violence” is misspelled in the second panel.

  9. Johnny Whoa

    Hot DAMN, the glorious return! Glad to hear you’re still well!

  10. Jamie

    First The Prize to LostInPhilly straight out of the gate!

  11. Proto

    Wow, I AM surprised! I was starting to consider removing this from my feeds; thought it was dead for sure.

    Your linework looks good.* Spent a year training in the Canadian mountains, eh? Battling the elements with nothing but your drawing skills and sense of humor, that can change a man.

    *Commenter knows nothing about art and draws like a ten year old, but compliment is sincere.

  12. shadowinthelight


    Hopefully it won’t take another six months for the next one. :)

  13. Dow

    Hurray, new post.

    Getting self defense is a great idea. Getting it from her… not so much. She is real big on learning from example *throws knife*.

  14. McFunky Dood

    Heees baaaack !!

  15. Robin of Loxley

    Admit it! Jamie…. Lilly’s based on yer Mum ain’t she?! As she’s is sooo badass !!
    Yip Yip ; D

  16. Zach


  17. Disloyal Subject

    Smart girl.

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