Page 464
April 3rd, 2015

Page 464

Max is thinking about the time he fought the moon in an alternate universe.


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  1. McFunky Dood

    I read the story of when Max face punched the moon, it was a good read !!

  2. FlamingSquirrel

    Ooh, is it heartfelt Max confession time?

  3. newtfind

    Ever wondered why there are TWO holes in the moon?

  4. GusWhat

    newtfind, if that was a Scott Pilgrim reference, I applaud you.

  5. Johnny Whoa

    I’m still trying to figure out if Max vs the Moon is cannon in this comic or not.

  6. Twistyties

    Well can you blame him for wanting to punch it? I mean look at it, hanging up in the sky all glowy and smug… bastard.

  7. Kreo Nunc

    This will not mean much coming from me cause you do not know me at all, but your comic out of the 90 or so I keep tabs on has had a place in my top 6 since I found it.

  8. Cut

    Rumor has it that the moon has a face, a Man In The Moon if you will. Max dreams of one day punching that face.

  9. Cut

    @Johnny Whoa
    Well there was that one time….

    All I’m saying is that if Max was in Majoro’s Mask it would have been a 5 minute long game.

  10. Jamie

    Johnny Whoa:
    Naww, the moon incident was fun but unfortunately doesn’t fit into the narrative of the Cannon universe. He’d still do it if given the chance though.

    Kreo Nunc:
    Dude, the fact that this comic is in your top 6 means the world to me, thanks so much!

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