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April 10th, 2015

Page 465

Is this the beginning of a beautiful bromance?


Remember that time I sued Twitter and Facebook to tell you about updates? yeeeaahhh, those were good times.


  1. Grits

    I cannot fathom how you have the patience for all that hatching dude

  2. Jamie

    I get weirdly zen with it. Maybe it comes with age; there’s no way I could have done it a couple years ago.

  3. UKNinja

    Great… he just wont leave Jack alone, will he? Poor Jack.

  4. FlamingSquirrel

    I can see this going one of two ways.
    1. “I’m going to stick with you until I’ve saved your life enough times to repay my debt.”
    2. “I’m going to go train and get even stronger. Then, when I come back, we’ll fight and I’ll be the stronger one again.”

  5. McFunky Dood

    They will train together… To become Superheros ^^

  6. GusWhat

    Oh my god, after not seeing Max fight for a long time, I relish the idea of him training to become stronger, or even training Jack! Ohhhh god whichever I don’t care just make it haaaaaappen!

  7. BaufenBeast

    Uh, did you perhaps “USE” twitter and facebook? Because if you sued them just to tell us about updates then you have way more money than I thought.

  8. Jamie

    I do in fact only use them, but It’s too late to back down from this hypothetical legal battle now!

  9. Brandenfascher

    Uh oh Jack, better watch your back. Max will be there stalking your every move for a chance to save your life, or something else just as noble.

  10. some unreg punk

    He has to worry about it.

    Jack just proved to him that there will always be someone or something out there that will be bigger and better than him.

    It was bad enough that he got beat down by the last big bad… but to be saved by a kid that isn’t even out of elementary school? Yeah…. finding out that escalation is force that you can’t really beat isn’t something that you can just ignore.

  11. some unreg punk

    oh… and Jamie….

    “Remember that time I sued Twitter and Facebook to tell you about updates? yeeeaahhh, those were good times.”

    I don’t think legal action is the correct way to keep your fans updated on this comic.


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