Page 463
March 27th, 2015

Page 463

That’s a really nice sentiment and everything Max but no, I totally needed it.


Can’t forget about Twitter and Facebook, the very places where I post alerts on updates, like this early one!


  1. Krell

    Ok. So. Apparently this is tomorrow’s page.

  2. Frostbite4.0

    I love how happy he is that he achieved such a level of pain

  3. McFunky Dood

    How have you been feeling? Does he not know how much he threw up !!

  4. Johnny Whoa

    I’ve been silent too long, but I’ve been following the whole time and should probably mention that I was really happy when the comic resumed updating. And still am.

    Max almost looks like he’s happy that he got THAT fucked up. Can we get a Punchy Adventures of Maximum Facepuncher someday?

  5. Sandman366

    I think the only part of that you should be happy about is that you survived, Max.

    “Yay I got the shit beat out of me two, maybe three times over AND THEN I WAS STABBED! Woohoo!” That’s not really appropriate, or a good thing, Max….

    And besides, if someone REALLY wanted to mess him up, they’d take those eyebrows off. So it’s not the worst he could take. XD

  6. PharmaDan

    huh Max seems buffer than I remember. Not sure if I like or not yet.

  7. GusWhat

    Well, you know what they say, “What doesn’t kill you, makes your eyebrows stronger.”

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