Page 462
March 20th, 2015

Page 462

*studio audience applause*


I’m still over at Twitter and Facebook to this very day!


  1. shadowinthelight

    The eyebrows stand out even more in black and white. O_o

  2. Pan

    It lives!

  3. Kirk

    Those are Max’s knuckleprints.

  4. Sandman366

    Okay, maybe it’s just the black & white…but Max, you still look like crap.

    (Hey, random note, your “Archives” links only go up to start of chapter 7, and making your way to somewhere between there and current page is…a bit of a trial…)

  5. Ooorah

    That’s what I thought immediately as well!

  6. SilentSooYun

    Mighty Eyebrows Boy!

  7. Robin of Loxley

    Welcome back old friend ^*

  8. Salty

    Damn, Max looks like shit.

  9. McFunky Dood

    The moon…did it not become smushed by Maxxie?!

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