Page 461
March 13th, 2015

Page 461

Maybe actually rest up this time instead of physically entering into a nightmare flashback or something, I dunno.

Twitter and Facebook are still things I do!


  1. Hiddeninsight

    I just have to say this is my favorite webcomic man. Keep up the awsomw work.

  2. Ooorah

    I really like the shading going on here, especially in that last panel. The color was awesome while it lasted, but I can understand not being able to keep it up. I love that level of detail in Jack’s pose though.

  3. Khaine

    What you gonna do when we come for you~

  4. Grand Poobar

    I happy that Jacks fine now after all of that Vomiting !!!!

  5. Tux

    Ooh, yeah, the shading’s workin’ way better now. Me likey 😀 Also, it really lets your line work stand out, more so than with the colors. I dig it.

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