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November 9th, 2012

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  1. Raiser

    I don’t think they trained him to shake off a desk to the everything.

    Wonder if he can shake off a Tom to the everything.

    (I don’t think he can.)

  2. Derkins

    and so they fall madly in love. Also, gotta love the desk-throwing stance.

  3. BloodPlum

    Boom, shove his head into the wall just like Brian Mills.

  4. Ventnor

    I guess Tom changed his last name from Facecrusher to Cannon at some point.

  5. Anon

    You thought the DESK was bad?

    This is gonna be fun. Or violent. Or both. 😀

  6. shadowinthelight

    In best Jim Carrey voice: “NOTHING CAN STOP THE CLAWWWW!”

  7. Frostbite4.0

    Well, looks like we’re back to normal onomatopoeia again

    adrian is gonna be in so much pain after this

  8. The Knowing

    He’s going AWESOME!

  9. Walker

    And this is the real weakness to sending the guy who knows the target best to eliminate them. He probably doesn’t know the people who caught the target best. The person who does is probably the target, and as there’s no reason to cooperate with the assassin, you’re really just opening yourself up for a world of hurt.

  10. The Aussie Bloke

    Meaning of the word pain: About to be re-defined.

  11. Kramegame

    @Walker: you have to remember, both Lily and Adrian took out what probably amounts to dozens of agents each by themselves, before Tom. Tom is probably supposed to have the same level of training as the other agents ( i don’t see anything special about his uniform compared to the others) and as such, Adrian didn’t take him seriously enough.

  12. McBob

    Someone’s about to have a very bad day.

  13. Omniscia

    Come on, Tom, take that hood and that mask off of him. :3 (While doing something else that’s fight-ish, of course.)

  14. vash_ts

    you wanna act bitchy?

    …Talk to the hand.

  15. ralanr


  16. Ether101

    @Kramegame: They could have just gotten lucky with the others. But it would be kind of funny if they haven’t mange to kill any of them yet only think that they have. I could easily see Irene walking over to one of the fallen agents after Adrian’s been subdued and kick ’em back to their feat while yelling at them all to stop laying on the job. That probably won’t happen but it might as we’ve haven’t seen anyone actually die in the comic yet.

  17. Derrath

    Just another example that proves an old adage= ‘No matter how strong you are, anything can hit you hard if you let your guard down. ‘

    Similarly, ‘It doesn’t matter how powerful the attack if you can’t hit it’ is completely thrown out the window here, seeing as good ol’ Tom took advantage of the above rule~

  18. Yoshierider

    He’s doing a lot with only his left arm.

  19. SomeUnregPunk

    great. now I’m wondering how he captured his future wife. Did he get the drop on her or did he toss something she didn’t expect at her? Like a car?

  20. Mjoellnir

    “It’s a brand new day and the sun is high,
    all the birds are singing that you’re gonna die,
    how I hesitated now I wonder why….”

  21. OhMarioWV

    Go Tom, Go!!!

  22. Reynard-Miri

    Cannon is actually Tom’s nickname. He got it back in his shot-put days.

  23. Metaldude

    Ooh, nice facegrab! If a webcomic involves the grabbing and/or kicking of faces, I am there. Saw a really good one over at CRFH.

  24. DemonToaster

    I guess we know where jack got his no bullshit approach to fighting

  25. Johnny Whoa

    “Nice Face.”

  26. isaac

    Flipping a table < throwing a desk

  27. Speedy

    It’s Tom “How ’bout them Guns” Cannon.

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