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November 5th, 2012

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  1. Sergio

    That escalated quickly

  2. James

    Somebodies pissed you off…chuck a desk at them !

  3. Ventnor

    That is actually the sound a desk makes when it’s thrown at someone.

  4. isaac

    You and our sound effects lol

  5. Riku

    Jack: “So, Mum, how did you end up falling for Dad?”
    Lily: “Well, this desk kind of came flying out of nowhere, and at that moment, I just knew it was meant to be.”

  6. Barrage7667

    Have you ever tried throwing a large desk? I have…it isnt that easy

  7. Well of Three Features

    I sure hope that’s actually the sound a desk makes when thrown at someone.

  8. Ether101

    Yah, he finally threw something! Good job Irene.

  9. shadowinthelight

    Most awesome sound effect EVAR!!!1!!11!!! XD

  10. Seros Senric

    I was expecting something like this… Just not the desk 😀

  11. Ie Yamof Ool

    He threw a desk, and it went ‘Desk’. The bad guys hit went ‘crack’, so did he hit her with crack???

  12. Kunfyoozd

    well indeed

  13. Garrant

    Adrian’s thoughts at this very moment: ‘OH GOD, MY MOST OF ME!’

  14. vash_ts

    gets up (he is going to shoot him)
    uses desk to steady himself (surely he will shoot)

  15. Lunar

    Aaaand, there goes all the seriousness.

  16. The Aussie Bloke

    That look on his face in the last panel: “O_O WTF?!?!”

  17. Benedict

    “A DESK!” is just about the best sound effect ever.

  18. neon5162

    next time he will throw a panda and the ound it will make (at first lol) will be PANDA followed by the sounds of epic kungfu action

  19. aetheron

    A desk! A desk! A desk! Ooohhhhhh it’s a desk!!
    (To the tune of the chorus of “Badger Badge Badger”)

  20. Zach

    So….he threw that shit with ONE ARM.

  21. The Knowing

    He… he didn’t throw that one-handed… DID HE? Amazing.

  22. WumpusRat

    Reminds me of The Tick. “And then he threw a chimney at us…” :)

  23. alurker

    Suddenly, a wild Desk appears… it uses charge. It’s super effective!

  24. Raiser

    Re: one-handed throw:

    With momentum, proper balance, and all consuming rage, anything is possible.

  25. Anon

    Before there was WHAM!

    There was A DESK!

  26. Anonomom

    Whoo, flipping tables for great justice!

  27. quarktime

    Now, that, I like. If you’re only making scorch marks, you need a bigger gun.

  28. OhMarioWV

    And if more people threw desks back in the 90’s, all the super villains would’ve been defeated realy easily.

  29. Meaty

    That’s a legitimate sound effect

  30. Sug Sivad

    And your dueling weapon is what? We got a sword, a gun, bazooka, grenades..


    Desk it is.

  31. Reynard-Miri

    Did he just…throw a heavy table while the bicep of his right arm was severely wounded? o_O

    Jack’s dad is BOSS.

  32. McBob

    Best. Sound Effect. EVER!!

  33. Zorpike


  34. mrtt

    Desks make excellent improvised thrown weapons.
    I know from personal experience

  35. Uru

    Those spontaneous leaping desks. They’re one of the most common hazards in any working environment.

  36. ralanr

    Now that is a sound effect!

  37. Maycroft

    Flying desk: +2 against mercenaries.

  38. Luna

    Wild desk used Fly. Direct hit!

  39. newllend(voidSN)

    That’s a new sound effect for the ages.

  40. Speedy

    That’s one way to turn the tables on him…

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