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November 2nd, 2012

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  1. Ether101

    Come on Irene, it’s time to be the badass you were always implied to be. Man up and throw his ass.

  2. ralanr

    what was the action in the crack panal?

  3. cy414

    headbut, ralanr.

  4. mrtt

    @Ether101: This guy is also badass though, we have him dodging a bullet, knocking the gun out of her hand with a thrown knife… having murdered his way to reach her in the first place, and taking out the guy who beat her in hand to hand combat with a well placed knife to the shoulder.

    @ralanr: I think he either smacker her with his hand or his head (see arc)

  5. Well of Three Features

    Woah. Throat-punching. That’s just rude.

  6. reynard61

    @ Well of Three Features: Yeah! Everyone knows that the *Face* is what you go for…

  7. Seros Senric

    @reynard61: To your maximum potential, of course.

  8. Dragon

    It wasn’t a headbutt. He used the back of his head to uppercut her. So it’s knee’d in the stomach, reverse headbutt uppercut thing and then throat punch.

  9. OhMarioWV

    I love a good 90’s villain fight. And i’m glad my power’s back on so I could see it.

  10. Ether101

    @mrtt: I’m calling Tom Irene form now on.

  11. SomeUnregPunk

    so she is going to die soon if he hits with enough force.
    if he didn’t put enough force behind the blow, she is going to have some trouble breathing for bit.

  12. SomeUnregPunk

    … if she dies… then maybe this ain’t Jack’s mom and dad but jack’s brother.

  13. Ludo

    Nope, they’re his parents. They’ve stated their names already.

  14. Reynard-Miri

    I hit you in the throat, because I respect you.

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