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October 29th, 2012

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  1. Reynard-Miri


  2. Reynard-Miri

    Oh, the gun. Right.

  3. The Aussie Bloke

    Panel 3: Sad Lily makes me sad too.

  4. OhMarioWV

    Now I see why the gun lacked a trigger guard, so it would come out of Lilly’s had easier.

  5. Zorpike

    I’m calling right now that Adrian is her brother. Because hair.

  6. Ether101

    Come on Tom use your “mysterious and aloof father of the main character” powers and save the girl.

    It would kind of fun to see a spoof of the Failure=Death troop with MI betting this assassins guild be by using this rule to slowly dwindle their numbers down to zero.

  7. quarktime

    Is her arm that weak that it jerks up like that when she shoots? And where did the bullet go? Did she miss? Is she a really bad shot? A knife is really slow in comparison. If she’s some badazz ninja, she shouldn’t have a weak arm, so a gun shouldn’t make her arm kick up when she fires. Guns only buck up like that when you shoot them in the movies, when you’re weak like a kitten, or when it’s a ridiculously-huge uber-cannon that no one in their right mind should try to fire one-handed.

  8. Jamie

    Adrian dodged. The bullet hits the cape in panel 4.

  9. Anon

    At that moment, Lilly decided she liked THROWING knives much better than dodging them.

  10. Vega

    In Jamie’s defense, it’s less about realism and more about the medium. In comics and animation, you need to exaggerate actions to sell them for the reader/viewer. The more design-y the style is, the more you have to exaggerate, if what my professors are to be believed.

  11. Tsapki

    It may also be, Quarktime, that she isn’t used to using guns. Assassin’s tend to value stealth and guns can be pretty noisy. Yes, you could carry a silencer but that is an extra bit of equipment, to say nothing of extra ammunition and such. Not to mention ballistics, gun powder residue, insert science based gun evidence, which can leave a trail.

    But, all just hypothesizing…

  12. Zero_Starlight

    “And because I know you the best, our employer has NO WORRIES, WHATSOEVER, that I might HESITATE TO KILL YOU.”

    I mean, it’s just common courtesy to murder your longtime friends. Heck, it makes the term backstabber even more ironic and hilarious. XD

    – Zero

  13. Meaty

    For future reference, Lilly, if you’re working at an agency that kills all of the agents that fail in their missions 100% of the time, and you fail in a mission, you don’t have the right to be surprised.
    Scoreboard so far…
    Adrian: 1 (for stabbing Tom and disarming Lilly)
    Lilly: 0
    Tom: -1 (probably going to be of limited use for the fight, seeing as he has a kunai lodged in his arm)

    Of course, we already know that Adrian loses, so we can expect a turn around soon.

  14. Allengrad

    Dat Recoil.

  15. Videospirit

    It would appear she is not as good at dodging knives as she will insist her son be.

  16. SomeUnregPunk

    videospirit… she is still a kid in this part of the timeline …. I’m guessing her adult version could probably wipe the floor with her young version before she could blink.

    which of course the same also goes for Jack’s Dad. They may be faster than their older selves but they will be also less experienced.

  17. quarktime

    OK, I see the bullet hitting the cape, though I thought that was a reflection from the knife as he threw it, with the “twip” being the sound of the knife going through the air.

    Still think she couldn’t have hit the barnside of a broad.

  18. Riku

    Guys? Can we stop nitpicking and just enjoy the webcomic? The art is great, the story is amazing. Details like that are called “poof webcomic magic”, so let’s just sit back and enjoy the ride.

  19. Speedy

    Don’t you watch Mythbusters, Lily? Not even Angelina Jolie can really make a bullet curve by flinging their arm like that. (Although, that full-circle bullet scene in Wanted was pretty awesome)

    At least we know who the next set of bad guys are, now that the Cannon’s identities have been published on Wiki Leaks.

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