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October 22nd, 2012

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She would have preferred preferential treatment. (lololol)

No update this Friday due to my parents flying over for and me being super busy


  1. The Aussie Bloke

    Lemme guess! Family member of the boss?

  2. Lunar

    Sister or lover probably

  3. Johnny Whoa

    “If I live long enough to have kids…. I’m teaching them to dodge knives….”

  4. Walker

    Betting on Adrian being her brother, and both being children of the boss.

  5. James

    Something to do with Gavin maybe ?

  6. Anon

    Curious. Adrian wants a witness to this.

    But he’s probably gonna be a witness to something Adrian didn’t have in mind.

  7. Kramegame

    These are Max’s parents right? or are they Jacks?

  8. Kramegame

    whoops, they’re Jack’s… my bad.

  9. mrtt

    My bet is that the “bosses” are their parents. He is her older brother.
    mmm, they might have some non family in the organization but the top operatives I am betting are all family.

  10. Ether101

    I really hope Tom doesn’t end up being one of those badasses that never get to show it.

  11. Reynard-Miri

    **** it, knife.

  12. mrtt

    @Ether101: Jack thought he was completely mundane until the fight with the hackers so he probably doesn’t show it anymore after jack starts forming memories (so, early childhood)…

    but he might still show it in the years prior. like in this arc.

  13. Biscuit

    Soooo…I’m guessing this whole thing is to not only reveal much desired backstory about Jacks parents, but also introduce a new villain organization as well as their motives for antagonizing the main character?

  14. Tsapki

    Bloody hell, Biscuit. that had not even sunk into my head yet. Yeah, it does seem the Hackers are pretty much demolished, what with Gavin blue screened and just about every other Hacker scarf punched. It really does seem a new antagonist needs to come up, at the very least to bridge a gap unless some of the Hackers can make a come back. And MI does seem to have a huge list of the weird and odd.

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