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November 12th, 2012

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  1. Ventnor


    I’ve never seen a single-handed suplex before. Interesting.

  2. shadowinthelight

    Who needs to punch faces when you can make the floor do all the work for you?

  3. Wumer

    Last Panel: You made me hurt my arm.

  4. Reynard-Miri

    And the moral of this story is: Never stab a Cannon with a knife. It will not end well for you.

  5. beesknees

    You should throw him again just to be sure 😀

  6. gangler

    @Reynard-Miri: It’s one of the classic blunders. Never get involved in a land war in Asia. Never go up against a Civilian when death is on the line. Never use knives on a Cannon.

  7. Gessador

    Puny assassin…

  8. Anon

    CRACK! is whack…to Adrian.

    Dude’s probably still (barely) alive because Tom’s got a girlfriend to impress.

  9. Anon

    ^ I see what you did there

  10. Agera

    i wonder which cracked more the floor or Adrian’s face.

  11. Riku

    Tom’s face in the last panel… best face in this comic yet.

  12. grayfoxpianist

    I love how the light in the last panel sort of looks like an empty health bar. Foe Adrian fainted! Tom leveled up!

  13. Jon

    Anyone else think that Tom is hacked or something? He’s able to easily throw desks and people and he can take a stab in the arm.
    Just a theory.

  14. The Aussie Bloke

    And Lily’s in the background all “Holy shit! He went EASY on me!”

  15. H_T

    The “crack” makes the panel feel all more painful. Ouch!

  16. Ryan B.

    Son, you just got face-cracked. The older, less refined cousin of face-punching.

  17. Metaldude


  18. Juerujin

    Well damn 0_o. Now i know he is going to get back up … after all one does not simply floor punch a master assassin … but he wins just for that move. On the other hand he did single hand “desk” him a second ago so that floor punch might be debilitating.

  19. aetheron

    Tom’s thought in the last pannel: “That’s for my arm.”
    I also love how Lily is tapping her fingers together nervously. Adrian is definitely some relative. Or a past love interest. Past as in 15 minutes ago. Because she just found the man of her dreams. A man who can “desk” the all-of-a-person with one arm.

  20. FOXHounder

    Sooo…Mega Intelligence is obviously yet another front org for Big Boss’ Outer Heaven…

  21. Skydron

    Ok, lesson learned…
    Never attack Jack Cannon’s dad with a knife to the shoulder.

  22. Zach

    And THAT is why Jack never forgets to take out the trash.

  23. Johnny Whoa

    Tom then turned to Lily.
    “Okay, your turn.”

  24. The Knowing


  25. UKNinja

    Whenever Tom throws someone so hard, the floor cracks, it’s actually Tom throwing the whole Earth to somebody.

  26. alurker

    Stupid Assassin. Never bring a knife to a cannon fight.

  27. shadowinthelight

    *Johnny Whoa wrote:
    Tom then turned to Lily.
    “Okay, your turn.”*

    Then Lily replied.
    “You can throw me any time… onto a bed!”

  28. VagabondRaiser

    Daaaamn. Not only did he throw him hard enough to crack the floor, he flipped him over as he threw him. If he can put that much spin on a human being, just imagine how his football throws are.

    One could even say he’s got…
    An arm like a Cannon.

  29. Kramegame

    Sure, where do you think that phrase came from?

  30. Biscuit

    Epic face!

  31. mrtt

    Now, if this was more realistic his head would have caved in and he would have died before the floor cracked.
    Is this a rule of cool acceptable break from reality or is there an in universe explanation

  32. FOXHounder

    Also, upon further consideration: Adrian looks to be Initiate rank at best, in the…real…Assassins Order.

  33. vash_ts

    Adrian is all like “ugghhh, my everything”
    while Tom is all like “ಠ_ಠ”

  34. Well of Three Features


  35. Meaty

    My mistake, kunais must not be that effective against men with that many levels in badass

  36. reynard61

    Tom uses concrete floor! IT’S SU…

    “RRRRR!” *CRACK!*


  37. Ludo

    That guy has a face of steel if he’s still alive.

  38. quarktime

    murdered. In. The. FACE.

  39. camerch

    Face, meet floor. Floor, meet face.

  40. Zero_Starlight

    Face, meet floor.

    Floor this is a face.

    Creator Of Clever Puns,
    – Zero

  41. Valentine

    when I look at his face on the last panel I can’t help but imagine him saying He started it…

  42. OhMarioWV

    And that’s how its done

  43. SomeUnregPunk

    Well I guess this is where Jack gets his ridiculous strength…. his mother must be the reflexes… now where did he gets his hack proof from….

  44. McBob

    Am I the only one thinking that female assassin is going to turn out to be Jack’s mom?

  45. Mr. Ookami

    the floor is going to fill that one in the morning.

  46. TheWreck

    Wow! He shmecked his shmenge!


  47. Crestlinger

    That’s more than a faceplant, that is a face that’s taken root and sprouting up daisies.

  48. BaufenBeast

    I know something you don’t know. I am not left-handed!

    Which means you should really be scared after that knife wound heals.

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