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January 16th, 2012

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  1. Riku

    o.O Um… jack?

  2. Nirron

    While I know that Gavin is ultimately winning here (or at least, that seems the case.) This was the worst possible hack to use on jack.

    The knives are useless against him.

  3. James


  4. Tommeh!

    Should he really be that happy about that many knives being thrown at his face…? Maybe if there were a few more i would understand his enthusiasm, but I think he’s a little too excited for this particular number of knives…

  5. Delusional

    “Mom’s training is about to pay off”.

  6. GPS

    Foolish Gavin. You’ve given him weapons.

  7. Merks

    haha this is like every day in his house.

  8. H_T

    Za Warudo!

  9. Johnny Whoa

    It took me a minute to realize what the hell was going through his mind. Nice callback joke xD

  10. Seb

    Favourite strip so far. XD

  11. Frostbite4.0

    “I wish…everyone would just throw knives…”

  12. alurker

    Oh Gavin. Why. So. Serious? 😀

  13. isaac

    I like point things

  14. Oldskoolguitar

    In his element.

  15. GreyTail

    I’m not crazy, that’s just the hack-induced sickness talking

  16. The Aussie Bloke

    The dodge-master is IN

  17. Caylex

    “You should see your face” <— ???

    I guess the knife-dodger just clocked IN

  18. Ghastly Girl

    Maybe Gavin is just trying to wear him down?

  19. LostInPhilly89

    Well, I know what face I’ll be seeing in my nightmares tonight….

  20. OmegaForte

    Who does Jack think he is, Jotaro? He ain’t got no Star Platinum.

  21. evictedSaint

    Lookin’ a little worse for wear there, Jack.

  22. Gessador

    Ok, I don’t care who says what, but that’s the face I’ve got immediately reminded of:

  23. ThisGuy

    i was all OH SHIT
    then i remembered…


  24. Meaty


  25. Arch Angel

    @ Meaty: Jack is anything but regular, and I have to question the sanity of anyone who lives through his childhood. Either way, Jack likes knives >:D.

  26. CaptainBetrayer

    You know, really, all these people shooting Unlimited Knife Works at him, and you’re worried that he’s happy? Sheesh. I’d be worried about what happens if one gets deflected badly. Facepuncher can’t take much more than 12 or so.

  27. Ether101

    I wounder what would happen if Jake used those knives on Gavin? Seeing as their both made form hacked up matter and all. Plus, I think Jake is going to push himself so far that he degivoles.

  28. Shawwah?! Man

    This is real funny! hahah…

    No offense, but you got the name wrong… it’s Jack.

  29. sever

    Looks like Gavin’s about to get…Jacked up.

  30. Ryex

    I believe a reference is in order

    this page is awesome. that face!

  31. Ryex

    wow my gravatar wasn’t working

  32. ShingamiOfSmarm

    Juuuust like mom useta make.

  33. xero

    flying pissed off kittens would have been WAY more dangerious

  34. Mycroft

    I think Jack just stopped the knives.

  35. Krell

    I am disappoint.

    It’s obvious that Gavin knows he couldn’t legitimately beat Jack in a fight due to his being hack-proof, so he’s just stalling until whatever happens to be putting jacks body under stress in the space station finishes him off.

  36. CyberSkull

    Oh please. This is how his Mum hugs him.

  37. newllend(voidSN)


  38. Robin of Loxley

    I seriously want that last panel on a t-shirt !!

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