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December 2nd, 2011

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  1. Riku

    Haha! YES! That is awesome!

  2. MacSimon

    Great, now i gotta clean my brain off the ceiling.

  3. Phil

    Possible titles for Gavin.

    Gavin: Master of the universe

    Gavin: Makes -you- break the fourth wall for him.

    Gavin: Also a mime.

  4. CHT

    Gavin: 0.5 (for summoning that t-rex)
    Jack: 5 (for defeating all of Gavin’s moves)

  5. isaac

    Is that considered breaking the forth wall?

  6. Sage

    Even the Fourth Wall will not protect you!

  7. Common Nonsense

    This is one of the best uses of panel breaks I’ve ever seen.

  8. Shawwah?! Man

    I was confused at first, until he kicked… LOL! Very interesting.


  9. Ignis


    That was so weird…and BRILLIANT!!!

    How the hell is Jack gonna win this? I mean, Galvin just broke the comic to try and kill him! I am seriously looking forward to the climax of this fight!

  10. maarvarq

    Scott McCloud would be proud of you :-)

  11. maarvarq

    The TvTropes Frame Break page now links to here.

  12. ADemonicPresence

    that… that wasn’t even an attack, gavin just wanted the room clean

  13. Flaming squirrel

    Forget Soviet Russia. In Gavin’s Base, fourth wall breaks you!

  14. Scidude

    So all in one page, we found out that Gavin can hack the comic itself, which probably means Gavin can hack Jamie (unless Jamie is just to awesome to be hacked); Jack can break the fourth wall, which will now unleash destruction on the world with children’s card games; and there is another dimension out side of comicland. I’m going to call it flatland.

  15. Frostbite4.0

    wow, he cleaned jack too, that was nice of him.
    or maybe he just
    didnt want any stains outside of the fourth wall

  16. Jamie

    The blood was actually dissolving because Jack broke the hack. Gavin just shrank the panel.

  17. arch angel

    Dude. Gavin hacked the comic… What does that say about those reading the comic? Are they safe? Am… I?

  18. ASP

    Reminds me of a Bleach comic:

  19. Ether101 Prime

    Does Gavin hate himself for doing that hack or does he hate Jack for making him do it?

  20. vash_ts

    Trap card activated!
    pinkie pie power!
    Instantly shatters any fourth wall active effect!

  21. dudess

    loads of forth wall pannel breaking jokes ;p

  22. James

    THAT …. was just Stupid !!!!

  23. ThisGuy

    oh silly gavin… how do you trump hacking the comic itself?
    You can’t! You just sealed you fate. you’re getting punched within the next 2 pages.

  24. booper

    I still must say Gavin is one of my favourite villians I`ve seen in a comic.

  25. justanotherfan

    It’s actually brilliant that the last panel shows Gavin’s back, because how his posture slumps says more about his emotions than his face ever will.

  26. lady

    Why hasn’t Gavin figured it out yet that his attacks are totally not working? Maybe he’s figuring it out just now.

  27. ASP

    @lady, I think he’s trying to outlast Jack. Remember, Jack gets weaker everytime he resists a hack, so the more Gavin hacks him, the closer Jack is to death

  28. jmkool

    Yes, but Gavin still has to explain what he meant about Jack being hacked into being unhackable, so he’s not getting defeated quite yet. This is likely about time for a ‘FINE, I guess I have to just teleport you back to Earth’ moment.

  29. Ramani-Rayne

    I think my brain just popped a gear.

  30. BaufenBeast

    I thought Gavin was just cleaning the blood off the walls until the kick the first time I read this

  31. Nimm

    lol that was smart

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