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November 28th, 2011

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Gavin’s face and feelings do not currently match


  1. Merks

    awww trex

  2. cy414

    gavin had to know that would happen.
    well, maybe not the redecorating part, but still…

  3. JayKay54


  4. James

    I wanted … POOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. KRG

    no words I can say will never match to what just happen there.

  6. KRG

    oh and nice job on the 0and 1 blood cells.

  7. isaac

    I hate him for making jack do it as well

  8. Nick

    Looks like Jack won’t be getting any sleep after this fight.

  9. Ignis

    …I was just expecting a poof…the poof was surprisingly OHMYGODWHY-ish.

    And Jack as the most insane murder eyes seen thus far. You can feel the absolute hate flowing forth. The fact that he’s just bathed in the blood of his foe is icing.

    And for some reason, I get a distinct Scott Pilgrim feel from how Jack has been drawn in the last panel – I think it’s the eyes. I approve.

  10. anonymous

    …and then jack cannon exploded a dinosaur

    reading this comic increases your testosterone level by 75%

  11. Shawwah?! Man

    So now my icon is afraid of this comic.

  12. Bismarck

    ^^^^I’m not. :)
    Hell I found a new target :O

    Great comic, LOVE the art! And the humor is AWESOME!!!!!!!
    ***** Yes, 5 stars.

  13. Ether101 Prime

    This almost makes me forget that Nintendo didn’t ripoff their own manga writers with Zelda again, yeah this is that good.

  14. DukeGod

    “Gavin’s face and feelings do not currently match”
    I have SERIOUS doubts about that

  15. Uru

    Even covered in 15 tons of exploded dinosaur, Gavin is still awesome.

  16. ThisGuy

    well, purple was getting old. it was time to get some new color in the place

  17. grayfoxpianist

    Such awesomesauce.

  18. jmkool

    Gavin: “Wuuuuut.”

  19. Lazy J

    GBLOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best sound effects ever!

  20. Unlisted

    That is a serious case if indigestion.

  21. Meaty

    AW SNAP!

  22. booper

    “I hate you for making me do that, that was my favourite dinosaur right there.”

  23. Imakuni

    Dinosaur: X((
    Jack: >:(
    Gavin: :)

  24. Frostbite4.0

    wait, meaning he didn’t hate him already?

    man has some pretty high standards

  25. Tsapki

    Anyone else notice all the little 1’s and 0’s floating around Jack in the final panel?

    I worry he may have played right into Gavin’s hand…keyboard…thing…

  26. Emilio

    I really like the little 1s and 0s floating off Jack in the last panel. Its like his mere presence is undoing the hack.

  27. reynard61

    “Gavin’s face and feelings do not currently match”

    That’s okay. I have the feeling that, in a little while, Gavin’s not going to *have* a face. (Assuming that he even has one right now. For all we know, there’s nothing but 1s and 0s under that body suit.)

  28. Beanjamiah

    This is.

    The best thing.

  29. Eshajori

    There are many things. This, I deem, is the best.

  30. lady

    if Jack can tunnel underground by punching, surely a dinosaur’s innards are no match. I bet this is just about the point that Gavin realizes he’s not going to win this fight.

  31. lady

    Also- I agree, the binary blood is a nice touch. I didn’t even notice it at first.

  32. Ventnor

    I like how Jack instinctively knows the best way to blow a dinosaur up, and that he has to be inside of the dinosaur to do it.

    Probably a skill that his Mom taught him that he thought he’d never need.

  33. Shawwah?! Man

    Oh cripes! Scoreboard! I would say…

    IWWAZA FREAKIN’ TIE?! Yes good sir. Gavin made Jack weaker by a big deal, buuuut, Jack just splattered sticky guts on Gavin. System malfunction maybe?

  34. Shawwah?! Man



  35. FAKE

    JACK:Hey, Gavin.
    Jack:I exploded your dinosaur.

  36. Incohierophant

    Does anyone else think that being covered in hacked material is going to exacerbate Jack’s current problems of fatigue and weakness from resisting hacks?

  37. Shawwah?! Man


    I think that’s what everyone thinks.

    Everyone’s thinking that…..right?

  38. CHT

    @Shawwah?! Man
    I’ll have to get back to you on that.

  39. EruptingBurningFinger

    Jack learned Dinosplode! (The Nasaghast must have taught him.)

  40. Mong

    it’s anT-rex

  41. Crestlinger

    Oh look, he found the spleen.

  42. newllend(voidSN)


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