Page 347
November 25th, 2011

Page 347

Welcome to The Fancy Adventures of Jack Cannon. If this is your first time reading, you picked a hell of a page to start with.


  1. LtFusion

    I…not quite…uhhh…AWESOME.

  2. KRG

    ok that has to be some type of cheating I mean really a t-Rex that is just over kill.

  3. Daniel Luke

    Punch him Jack! PUNCH HIM FROM THE INSIDE! Then throw it’s severed head at Gavin! WhooT! LOVE IT!

  4. Kirk

    Punch that Dinosaur in the stomach!!

  5. EntelechyEngine

    Now I kinda wish it was my first time visiting, and had no context, and made up an explanation that turned out to be hilariously wrong.

  6. Frostbite4.0

    wait’ so can hacking create life, or is it some kind of partial sentience?

  7. isaac

    Ummm well that was random, I think he’s having fun now

  8. grayfoxpianist

    How thoughtful of Gavin!
    I’m predicting a Hercules moment where Jack goes in and wastes that dino from the inside out.

  9. cy414

    soo… its an attrition battle where gavin wears jack out by having him dispell hack after hack?

  10. Tsapki

    Frostbite, well it might be able to create a program that mimics life, so I would go for the partial sentience. Obviously a real T-rex might go insane in an enclosed space so i’m sure Gavin made some..improvements.

  11. Dan

    Gavin’s expression and the deadpan “I made you a dinosaur” kept me laughing for two minutes or so.

  12. gangler

    Every time I think Gavin has ceased to phase me he finds a new way to wow me with his villainous class. “I made you a dinosaur” indeed.

  13. Imakuni

    If Jack can punch through the ground, he can punch through a T-rex.

  14. James

    Every Boys Dream … To be eaten digested and then to become Poo !!!!!!! ; D

  15. vash_ts

    Everybody punch the dinosaur!!!!

  16. Rockit

    burst out its head plz

  17. ThisGuy

    Panel 1-3: Hilarious randomness
    panel 4-7: “interesting” what-the-fuckerry
    Page overall: mind melting
    Page description: Perfect

  18. houli

    Reminds me of Full metal alchemist for some reason…

  19. Eiuratus

    “do you like it? i made it just for you…”

  20. Kenderell

    Really Gavin? You think that will work? Jack punched his way out from underground! This isn’t even going to be a challenge.

  21. ukninja

    ‘Jack. I made you a dinasour.’ Do I smell a new meme? xD

  22. Meaty

    “Jack. I made you a dinosaur”
    10 seconds later
    “Gavin. I made you dinosaur burgers”

  23. Shawwah?! Man

    Finally, Gavin scores a point! (Not that I’m rooting for him)
    Somebody, tell me PLEASE. Did someone hack drugs into Jacks systems?! He’s pretty high right now!


  24. Superstarsage

    Oh god, that dinosaur IS a hack, if jack…. does that thing he does what was it “rejecting?” from the inside, then.. wouldn’t that hasten his brainfart/melt/death?

    :( don’t die jack.

  25. Calli

    Well, fuck.

    That’s pretty fucking awesome.

  26. gangler

    @Kenderell: Keep in mind though that Gavin can keep doing this all day. Jack can’t. It works so long as it keeps Jack busy doing things that aren’t punching Gavin.

  27. Scidude

    He punched through solid earth. Punching out of a dinosaur should be a piece of cake.

  28. Eshajori

    “Dinosaur is the fancy adventure I have left, Smee.” – Captain Jack

  29. reynard61

    At first I thought that Gavin was some sort of “God-tier” hacker. But apparently Jamie has created a “Higher-than-God” tier.

  30. Geddian

    Those first three panels need to be made into an advertisement, with the following final tagline:

    We made you a dinosaur.

  31. wellpent

    This sums up my reaction to this page pretty accurately:

  32. Shawwah?! Man


  33. booper

    This is my new favourite Gavin line.

  34. arch angel

    @ booper: ditto.

  35. Greedo

    which goes to show, despite his flaws and the fact he’s the bad guy, shows he is indeed a good hearted fellow. who DOESN’T love dinosaurs?

  36. Ramani-Rayne

    Okay, now I almost wish this was my first time here…

  37. noone important

    I have to agree with Ramani-Rayne,this page would have made an awesome start to reading the comic…so much awesomeness and….wtf…-ness

  38. Xel Unknown

    This is the second most confusing page outside of context… But a good deal less confusing in context. There will be a page where you wont be able to really underdstand it IN CONTEXT that’ll make you think back to this page. If you are lucky and read this while reading through the arcive, your welcome…

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