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December 5th, 2011

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  1. noobdude

    Dark link just got bashed

  2. phildog

    He’s just trying to ware him out. Looks like it’s working. What I don’t get is why Gavin doesn’t just teleport him outside.

  3. Xaviertrix

    How in the world do you cram this level of awesome into webcomic form?
    Of the excesive amounts of said comics I read, Jack Cannon is undisputably the most.. Awesome.
    …. I mean really. Do you take an awesome class to be able to pull this off?

  4. pan_dim_onium

    Not quite a Mike Tyson moment, but close.

  5. sal

    Both Jack and Gavin are slowly losing their patience.

  6. James

    HA! Dark Link !!!! HA! ; P

  7. Sage

    Gavin DOES get a couple bazillion points for creativity in this fight. Too bad it’s not doing him a lot of good.

  8. ThisGuy

    @phildog Jack is 100% immune to direct hacks.

    Also, if i’m not mistaken, jack looks pretty sick in panel 4. Thinking he might puke or something soon. I also think Gavin is running out of ideas. Stereotypical Negative-Hero is usually the last attempt.

  9. ThisGuy

    oh, i forgot to mention:

    Gavin looks very humbled in panel 5/6

    also, ow… ripped off an ear

  10. Merks

    Jack knows his one weakness… a knee to the chin!

  11. H_T

    Jack – 1
    Nega-Jack – 0

  12. isaac

    NEGA JACK…im not even sure if gavin is even taking this seriously lol

  13. Phil

    @This guy: Then hack the immediate surroundings such that they are no longer where Jack is.

  14. Shawwah?! Man

    heeeeyyyy….. This completely reminds me of Scott Pilgrim! Nega Jack! haha!

  15. Juerujin

    I know gavin is supposed to have no emotion …. but i’m pretty sure a chill ran through him after that lat one ….. or at least he thought “… oh”

  16. vash_ts

    Jack: ò.ó
    Gavin o_o

  17. Ignis

    That was totally a Scott Pilgrim reference. Or a Dark “HeroNameHere” reference, which is what Scott Pilgrim references anyway. And I am totally OK with it either way.

    …I just had a bad thought. Galvin seems to be going easy on Jack. Sure, he is immune to direct attacks, and has resistance otherwise. But shouldn’t it be real easy to just warp-hack a gun from someone’s closet and just shoot Jack? Or just hack him into, I dunno, the vacuum of space around their space station? I get the sickening feeling that Galvin is not actually fighting, but using Jack as a lab rat to see the extent of the Anti-Hack Mod Jack has, in case there are others like him.

    If this is the case…Galvin is an even more Magnificent Bastard than we’ve realized. And Jack doesn’t stand a chance unless something changes.

  18. FAKE

    Obviously, Jack is pretty much pissed off to spend a dozens strips figthing with Nega-jack, that, or he has a lot self-loathing. Man, normally people don`t rip off ears and breack necks of his doppergangers that easily.

  19. Benedict

    Is it just me, or are half the commenters here TVTropes in disguise? Regardless, this comic was pretty fun. We don’t got time for some by-the-numbers mirror fight! Just kick the shit out of him and get this over with in one page!

  20. Proteus

    Alright, this has been bothering the hell out of me every time I read your comments, Ignis. The villain’s name is Gavin. There’s no “l” in his name. Not Galvin, it’s Gavin. I don’t know how no one else has corrected you, but I think the least you can do for a comic this awesome is to get the names of the characters right.

    Keep on, keep on Jamie.

  21. Ignis


    …you’re right. My bad- I meant no offense. I keep thinking “galvanized,” and relate the process to why Gavin has his freak skin/mask- looks like he just fused it to his body or something. Guess my autistic thought process just mixed the two together without me noticing.

    Jamie – I am so sorry for continuously fudging your big bad’s name. Please don’t stab me o-o

  22. Ignis

    {*^&*, DID IT AGAIN ><}

  23. Uru

    Jack’s pretty flexible.

  24. Scidude

    Jack can beat himself. I think that pretty much seals the deal that Gavin has no chance in the universe of beating Jack.
    Kinda side note: This page also means Jack is better than both Link and Samus and all other game characters that have to fight their dark self. They take a long time to bring down their alter-personality. Jack takes two panels.
    What are we up to?
    Jack: 7
    Gavin: 0.5
    Everyone else in the world: -1
    The Fourth Wall: – infinity

  25. Bastet

    The Dark!Jack is an exact mirrored (but repainted…) version of Protagonist!Jack…. except for the collar. WHY?! Is this Tidy Collar of Evil???
    Oh, and I like the mirrored !MAHW (heeey, it works in normal text too!).

  26. grayfoxpianist

    Gavin looks so disappointed in the last panel. Or at least, as disappointed as he can look.

  27. Rusty Knight

    I imagine this is becoming quite disheartening for Gavin

  28. quarktime

    Friends, hackers, constructs…LEND ME YOUR EARS…

  29. Meaty


    I loled so hard, instead of going crazy cliche with dark jack, jack just freaking drop kicks his head! Oh geeze, this page is so freaking good. I GUESS it’s possible for Gavin to somehow turn this around, but it doesn’t look very good for him.


    Though Gavin could still tire Jack out, I’d say this is all wrapped up.

  30. booper


  31. LostInPhilly89

    Haha! I love Gavin in the last two panels!

    “Well, I didn’t see THAT coming.”

  32. Caylex

    I think that was supposed to last longer than it did. Knee to the face tends to end things quickly.

    In other news, he ripped off his ears!

  33. Biligum

    FINALLY! I’ve always wanted to see this trope subverted.

  34. The Aussie Bloke

    Gavin now has a whole new reason not to let Jack get close to him. That looked PAINFUL.

  35. dudess

    how long is this going to keep up

  36. Ampersand

    I agree with ThisGuy, Gavin must be running out of ideas to pull out a dark version of Jack.

  37. justanotherfan

    I don’t think Gavin is trying as much specifically to wear down Jack. The first experiment Gavin did was allowing Jack to try punching him. That failed Gavin tried simple indirect attacks such as pillars of flame and spike traps. Gavin even tried an indirect, direct attack which seemed to work on Jack before on Earth. The indirect, direct, dinosaur failed. Gavin tried warping reality itself to attack Jack, which failed. This all lead to the idea that Jack is unbeatable, so Gavin tried to make Jack fight himself, which seems to have failed miserably. There is a pattern, I’m just not sure where it will go and what Gavin can even try doing now other than teleporting Jack into space, which is downright dishonorable and probably wouldn’t fit Gavin’s creative tastes.

  38. Stephen

    It’s going to end with someone turning that computer we saw near the dead body off. That’s Gavin. That’s where he is. Whether that guy was a programmer who put himself in the computer or a sentient computer program that is where it is going to lead. I think.

  39. Arlyeon

    Can he really hack him out into space? It’s occured to me that whilst jack was teleported onto the space station, that was through a device that had preset co-ordinates. Gavin might need to make something as complicated a device as that to indirectly, directly teleport him into space.

    Because Honestly, if Gavin’s a living hack..letting Jack punch him is stuuupid. It’ll corrode his very existance and make him weaker with every contact. >> And he’s anything but stupid, So, one can only surmise this is him actually fighting.

  40. UKNinja

    Make the hero fight his own ‘nega’ self is an old mistake. Jack probably knows his own weaknesses the best.

  41. Barrage7667

    he doesnt just shoot him because hes not a dick of course

  42. Hmmm...

    While that attack looked nasty, Gavin should have no fear of it because he already has the ultimate defense for it. Not the henchmen or the hacks, no. You see, he was born with a defense for this very attack, for what no one has yet addresses is this one simple fact… HE HAS NO EARS! Or he could just be wearing a full upper torso mask…

    Anyway, kickin story man, have been reading for a while now and must say that I am impressed at your consistent and frequent updates. Not quite as frequent as Sluggy Freelance or Least I Could Do, but certainly better than Dresden Codak! LOL And you do it with an interesting and engaging art style that you have made your own! Kudos!

  43. SmilingAhab

    I think Gavin is more fascinated than anything else. This is like a series of probes just to see what makes Jack’s augmentations tick.

  44. Mycroft

    is this a reference to scott piligrim? and for instace, LOZ?

  45. newllend(voidSN)

    He dealt with that pretty easily.

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