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June 15th, 2009

page 98


  1. Kirk

    Ooooh Max found his equal!

  2. Yuma

    >.> It’s funny how everyone mentions Max’s eyebrows. xD I mean they are huge and all but, all the time??
    And it looks like Jack’s a little better than Maxie is. ^.^

  3. Spavven

    Jack may be a ninja, but Max double face-punched the moon!

  4. Satan Barbie

    Well, despite the fact that his teeth take up about the same amount of space in the panel, his eyebrows are huge and black.
    It’s like a target.
    I’m waiting for him to get hit in the eyebrows with a dart or knife or bird poo…

  5. Disconnected

    Does anyone have links to this Jamie and nick comic i keep hearing about?

    and i agree with Spavven double face punching the moon beats Ninjas any day even if its Supposedly Impossible.

  6. PsyDei

    wooooooo action!

  7. Jamie

    @Disconnected: honestly, you’re not missing much. >_o

  8. Chirigami

    OK… Look, I’ve found this through an Ad at “Sister Claire” website… And I just couldn’t stop reading.

    How do you do it? This is great. I have to be honest, I loved the first pages. Then when they first started using their hacking skills I thought it was pretty lame and forced… But then, you really made it fit in your comic’s world. And now it’s pure awesome.

    This is a really great idea. Just pointing out some things I like…

    a) Gavin. That evil mastermind is GREAT. I LOVE how you’re developing this character. You can’t have a good “adventure” (please forgive my lack of words, English is not my main language) comic without a proper evil “boss”.

    b) Sense of humour. It’s almost impossible to make me actually LAUGH in front of a computer (I don’t know why, I just can laugh when I’m with people) but you made me smile a lot of times, also with some references to other media.

    c) Apart from the comic itself… You actually take the time to read the comments, and even correct the typos and everything. I congratulate you for that (OK, that didn’t sound very fluent-English-speaker-like… But well, deal with me… xD)

    OK. I don’t want to make my comment even more boring so, I’ll end it know.
    Thanks for making this day great, and probably more in the future.
    Keep up the good work!

  9. Jamie

    Man, your English reads just fine to me!
    Thanks for the comment, here’s hoping you keep enjoying the comic. :)

  10. Thomas

    Your donate with paypal sign is telling me to donate to miraLAX why? 😉

  11. Jamie

    Whoa, what? Really? I’m checking the link now and it seems okay, but I’ll dig around just to be sure. Is it still happening for you?

  12. Thomas

    It’s right above your advertisement placement silly :rofl:

  13. Jamie

    Ooooh, okay, I get it. Don’t scare me like that. XD

  14. RapistsHeadbutt

    I hate waiting for the next comic! Oh well. Your comic is the representation of an violence-eager teen I have been hoping for! I like the width of the the lines you use in the comic and I have a few bucks I could part with if you promise to do something excessively awesome in comic somewhere down the line, like winning a fight by headbutts only(done before!) or using an enemy as a continuous meatshield in a fistfight! Just as long as it is more awesome than is necessary, I am happy.

  15. Banish

    Mmm gratuitous violence. I am in my happy spot.

  16. zack

    i so would do that too. respect someone enough to punch them.
    i do too much dmg with my fists to punch sum1 i dun respect…

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