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June 12th, 2009

Page 97


  1. Blankus

    Heh… FLCL

  2. You

    Heh. First thing you notice.

  3. Izzy

    “Eyebrows!” Rather than, “That sinister looking dude just jumped out of a plane!”

  4. Me

    What about… eyebrows.

  5. Scrib

    Would’ve been funnier if he said “Hello Jack” with a cockney accent…”‘ello Jack”. Don’t know why I thought of that, though. Might be the eyebrows.

  6. Anonymoose


  7. gamervamp

    YESSHHH!!! it is time XD
    😀 loving this page, ….eyebrows….. eye… EYEBROWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    @.@ okay got a little happy happy when i saw the eyebrow remark XD
    But still next to “That one jumped onto a knife.” page, this is awesome, will it continue to be awesome?… i think so.

  8. Beanjamish


  9. artman_2.0

    Love the FLCL reference. “Me” beat me to the joke tho…

  10. Da Mighty Camel

    Crud. Posted in the wrong update. Duh.

    Oh well, loving the FLCL reference. Keep up the good work.

  11. Thomas

    I hope his eyebrows don’t fall off…..

  12. Kal

    Aha, Jamie, I have found you!
    I saw this on a sidebar. I knew it was yer work, from the art to the fancy. 😀

  13. Ramani-Rayne

    Liking the comic so far
    It has just the right amount of ridiculousness!

  14. Satan Barbie

    … So this was the first comic I saw.
    And I found it amusing that the main character was thinking the same thing as me.
    Worrying about where he came from is just way too much effort. 😀

  15. Captain Whosit

    Clearly, I am far too late to the “FLCL Eyebrows” party.

    I wonder if Cindy is thinking the same thing. I mean, she looks surprised, but not nearly as surprised as though she were thinking: “Oh my god! Some crazy dude just jumped out of a plane and landed right in front of us!” It’s more of the: “He’s wearing a t-shirt to a tie-and-shirt event” kind of surprised. Maybe she’s used to this kind of thing already.

    Also, my theory that the two shall never meet is clearly bunk.

  16. merks

    awwwww man it’s happening! excited

  17. Valoriejueles

    As a natural blonde, with naturally dark eyebrows, I sympathize greatly.

  18. Banish

    Wow… The simplicity of his words COMPLETELY understates the fact that HE JUST LANDED OUT OF A PLANE. There was NO PARACHUTE!!! <3 =D

  19. chiwawaEGG

    wow, i just so happened to be listening to The Pillows as I read this, lol eyebrows

  20. matty

    ha, first thing I thought when I saw Max.

  21. Mea


  22. Plue9

    Who has giant eyebrows }:)

  23. Elkian

    XD “Eyebrows!”

  24. Mandy

    Last panel he is totally channeling The Grinch!

  25. kisame

    wow, that does not in any way remind me of any anime with a ninja and huge eyebrows kid who likes to show off even though it will cause him somewhat severe consequences. COME ON DUDE! if in the next page he does that hand movemant to tell jack to come and atack him im going to report this thing to Masashi Kishimoto

  26. Jamie

    I don’t actually have any idea what you’re referencing. 😕

  27. Luna

    I… Think kisame was referencing Rock Lee from Naruto… Except that Rock Lee has dark hair, is younger, and has a different style. Though, I could kinda see him jumping out of an airplane to challenge an opponent….

    Anyway, great comic :3 Just as awesome the second time through as it is the first ^^

  28. noscum

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  29. McFunky Dood

    Da dun !!

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