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May 15th, 2015

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I refuse to believe his back story is that boring.


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  1. DisgruntledMushroom

    Yeah, that sounds like the kind of name some kids would give themselves.

  2. Sandman366

    As much as I totally believe that…

    …I kinda get the feeling he’s toning it down…possibly a lot….

  3. Ooorah

    I’ve been wondering this forever.

  4. Usyra

    Good thing is friends never watched MST3K, or he could’ve ended up as Slab Squatthrust, Bulk van der Huge, or Crunch Buttsteak.

  5. Frostbite4.0

    cool, yet another mystery cleared up. Now max can tell him the story of how he killed the moon :)

  6. Ether101

    What a dark twist.

  7. Horatio Von Becker

    @Sandman366, I’m pretty sure he is. At the very least, he’s leaving out a three day fight with a forest full of wolves.

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