Page 426
March 8th, 2013

Page 426

That last panel is the same reaction I had when I realized due to a hiccup I don’t really have what you would call a cache of comics for updates hanging around anymore. Chances are the comic will update next Friday on schedule but if it doesn’t then uh… I guess there’s a delay.


  1. Ardratz

    …Huh didn’t expect the black hole to get bigger and absorb everyone, curse these weekly updates, it feels like I’m waiting forever for the next part of the story to happen.

  2. Seb

    Take your time man! :)

  3. Jorlem

    So, the black hole only absorbs girls, then?

  4. Huh?

    Ladies, come into my penthouse void~

  5. grayfoxpianist

    I like to think that the black hole is making the “vvvvv” like a quiet rumbling, and then when it starts sucking up Angel and Cindy, it starts going “MMMMMMMMMM”

  6. yoshierider

    Looks like it’s about to absorb the parents too. Wtf

  7. FadeIntoFlame

    Nope. Still not a clue where this is going.

  8. warp

    The joke of the last panel is him realizing:
    “I just touched the bubble, now I can feel it sucking me in too. Oh god, I think I think I just screwed myself””

  9. warp

    (from last page)
    >How is that obvious
    >People don’t usually turn into balls of something or another
    >Seriously how is it obvious that a guy who went to a school turns out to be a ball all along

    He is not a ball. He is now trapped inside of a Event Horizon that was “hacked” into existence; a fake ‘black hole’ without any mass.

    Whoever hacked Jack Cannon to be resilient to “hacks” did so in a clever way: They hacked Jack Cannon into himself! They then wrote that hacker program into Jack’s brain, so it would be self-perpetuating, preventing any other hacks from being effective without first destroying this original hack!

    All of the HAX that Jack has been through has activated an emergency subroutine in that “Jack Cannon = Jack Cannon” hacker program, taking it’s goal of preserving Jack Cannon’s existence to an extreme!

    This subroutine is forcing Jack Cannon to continue existing by storing him in a dimensional bubble just like a Black Hole’s Event Horizon, but without the mass to create the gravitational field.

  10. seawolf03

    Take your time. I’ll wait as long as necessary read this comic. This is one of my weekly favorites :)

  11. Thenindiel of rivendell

    i love this comic :)

  12. shadowinthelight

    So, is the moral here to never blow bubbles with liquorice bubble gum?

  13. Anon

    A bit of full circle?

  14. Unlisted

    I believe that we are about to learn some more about this Miles guy we’ve been hearing about.

  15. mrtt

    @grayfoxpianist: Nice observation
    And notice how it sucked in both girls but is solid to his dad

  16. cy414

    oh great, now i need to go look up NIN – closer (instrumental), because some part of my mind i wish wasnt there says it fits the theme of the last 5 pages.

  17. Trieo

    What worries me is that it’s reflecting everything but us.

  18. ralanr

    Damn it, can’t we have a nice old relaxation after the hero saves the day?! No cause now we have a black orb that was made from the morphing of the hero and has sucked in two of the other characters. Jack can never get a break!

  19. quarktime

    The technical term for that “cache of comics” is called a “buffer”, and don’t feel bad, most of us don’t have one either.

    Buffer? What buffer? Are my nails really that dull? Oh, you mean the COMIC! Um…er…uh…well… Look over there at that distraction! Is that some sort of demonic looking duck?

    *runs away*

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  21. Speedy

    Wait, maybe there was a house fire years ago, and Miles didn’t get burned up, but instead got digitized into Jack. Maybe when they get Jack and the girls out of whatever this is, Miles will show up too.

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