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March 1st, 2013

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  1. Meaty


    I almost thought that this was an April Fool’s joke. Then I realized it was March. Dang.

  2. Chirigami


  3. Inatervo

    This is the exact opposite of what I was expecting.

  4. Maklo

    Oh great, a negative space wedgie.

  5. tehbeefer

    Jump in!

  6. Omniscia

    Well that’s certainly not something you see every day.

  7. Terrachova

    So Jack became a singularity. Huh. How about that.

  8. Robin of Loxley

    Black Hole High anyone ^^

  9. FadeIntoFlame

    Well played. I certainly didn’t see THAT coming.

  10. Beanjamiah


  11. Anon

    The final chapter?

    Getting Jack to emerge from his…quantum singularity?

    Good thing he’s still delirious/not fully aware of himself. This is SO embarrassing. 😀

  12. shadowinthelight

    Black hole sun, won’t you come, and wash away the rain…

  13. Frostbite4.0

    So… fancy adventures in a black hole?

  14. Gessador

    So, my boyfriend is a black balloon now… I can deal with that.

  15. Kanaka

    Did not see that coming…

  16. isaac

    I have the same reaction to hospital food

  17. mrtt

    Its obviously not a singularity as nothing around is falling into it.
    It is probably a dimensional tear or some such. Recall that jack is slightly out of sync dimensionality-wise which makes him immune to magic (hacking) and he has had an overload of this which has been negatively reacting with his body. This probably caused some dimensional issue.

  18. pan_dim_onium

    Maybe Jack -is- a hack that they made when his brother passed. *gasp*

  19. The Aussie Bloke


  20. Ether101

    Well, this is differently one problem that can’t be resolved by getting naked.

  21. Fuzzy

    *drops everything*

    Okay, Jamie. Hat’s off to ya. That’s so much more of a WTF moment than I expected.

  22. yoshierider

    WTF! I don’t understand!

  23. Barrage7667

    Honestly, I can say I was not expecting that.

  24. Kramegame

    I think i need glasses because I definitely did not see that coming. Gavin coming out of his body, Miles walking in the room, a hacker attack, all things i would have guessed before Jack becoming a black ball.

  25. Huh?

    He’s been turned into a Tittle!

  26. The Flaming Squirrel

    Bring sucked into the ball like that had to have been painful… I mean, both his knees and his elbows are bending backwards, and I don’t even know what his fingers must be feeling.

  27. PhotobyJT

    as Johnny Test would say, “did not see that coming!”

  28. grayfoxpianist

    Damn it, and the FIRST THING they teach you in med school is not to divide by zero when dealing with patients.

  29. Reynard-Miri

    I… what?

  30. Benedict

    I… hrm. I, um. Um… so I guess like… some kind of… bad… thing? Happened?

    Oh and I guess he looks like a cannonball now. Dunno if that’s significant.

  31. DukeGod

    What was that theory about Jack becoming Jack Noir again?

  32. Ryexander

    I blame the invisible space monkeys, always blame the invisible space monkeys,

  33. Jerden

    Well, I don’t think anyone expected that!

  34. Sug Sivad

    Jack has become a black jelly bean! The WORST flavor of all!

  35. SilentSooYun

    Some people will do *anything* for attention.

  36. Well of Three Features

    What even just happened.

  37. aetheron

    /* Shameless reference to today’s xkcd */
    Maybe they should try defragging him…

  38. Xel Unknown

    Ok… That just happened… This is the weirdest of all of jack cannon… Even odder then the time Jack ran into a dino and blew it up from the inside.

  39. Fluffywolf

    Well… I don’t think any of us saw this coming.

  40. Xel Unknown

    I just realized something… Jack’s Mom isn’t looking at Jack when this happened… This makes me willing to bet that she might know something or is heading to get help… But my crazyness likes to think that she knows something.

  41. Reynard-Miri

    Oh, I get it. Jack Cannon just evolved into Jack Cannonball.

  42. UKNinja

    Okay…. that’s a first even for this comic.

  43. Krell

    @shadowinthelight: I love you for that reference

  44. woodjeff

    Anyone else notice that the . . . whatever it is . . . is the heart monitor?

  45. Kirk

    Jack Cannonball?

  46. Reynard-Miri

    Dude I just…. This showed up in my dreams last night.

  47. Trieo

    It so needs to be Friday soon, that comic is creeping me the hell out everything I click in on the site.

  48. warp

    It’s obvious, like it always has been.

    Jack Cannon was hacked into Jack Cannon as a permanent affect.

    That is the source of his resistance to hacked effects, and his physical vulnerability to hacking in general.

    He could punch Gavin because, when fist met face, Jack Cannon’s reinforced reality superseded Gavin’s hacked reality.

    Now we see the hack take on an extreme form, that of an Event Horizon, a physical separation between two different space time continuum, as the hack continues to enforce Jack Cannon’s existence on reality, in spite of Jack Cannon ‘s integrity loss due to lethal exposure of ambient HAX in Gavin’s space-base.

  49. ShadowFoxKitfox

    In the words of Hunter the Road Rover: “I would not have predicted this…Bummer”

  50. Blinnx

    Love how this page alone, has gotten more comments than the past two pages combined. Its taking the comments award by storm. That’s how amazing it is.

  51. GuymanwhoreadsFancyAdventures


    . . .
    The main character just turned into a ball of something or another

    How is that obvious

    People don’t usually turn into balls of something or another

    Especially floating balls of stuff

    Seriously how is it obvious that a guy who went to a school turns out to be a ball all along

  52. quarktime

    Oh, balls.

  53. God


  54. Crestlinger

    Oh Balls.

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  56. newllend(voidSN)

    ….the hell?

  57. Speedy

    Being M.I. agents years ago, Jack’s parents got two of the first texting cell phones. They never realized that Jack was the product of unsafe sexting. His parent’s have been so worried about him, they forgot to pay their cell phone bill this month.

    Kids, if your parents had cell phones before they had you, make sure they pay their bill every month.

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