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August 6th, 2012

Page 387

Aaaannnd we’re back!

Sadly uni work stepped in and stopped me from doing anything cool like learning how to make a good webpage so we’re still stuck with this rickety old thing, but the good news is when you come back on Friday there will be another update! That’s right, back to twice a week now, baby!

As you can see I am giving black and white a trial run. Lets see how it goes.

And please, if you want to support the comic, tell your friends about it! Spread the word. That’s the best thing you can do to help the comic right now.


  1. James

    Welcome back … Now this looks interesting !!

  2. James

    And I have told all of my friends on Facebook so soon more readers !!!!

  3. James

    Could this be Tom and Lilly ?

  4. Mitch

    @James …. Hey man saw your link on FB and wow yeah yr right this comic looks alright yeah ya know !!!!

  5. Mitch

    @Mitch….Hey you Great and make sure you read it from the beginning so you what’s going on and let me tell you it’s a complicated drama of love and death !! ; D

  6. Mitch

    @James HA Ha shire thing !!

  7. James

    @Mitch above don’t you mean @James ie Me !!

  8. Mitch

    @James Oh whatever just let me read !!

  9. James

    Hey get your own Avatar !!!! Bastard !!! ; P

  10. James

    I Know I have strange friends but who cares awesome comic man keep up the good work !!

  11. gangler

    Oh wow. The comic actually looks like it’s wearing black and white really well. This looks quite nice. Pretty, even.

  12. Nirron

    It’s not your best art, but I will say the comic looks pretty good in black and white. I was a bit skepticle about whether or not you could pull it off with your art style but it looks pretty decent.

    Also, history! Narrative exposository flashbacks!!! Yays!

  13. Enigma

    You want some help redesinging the site? I’m actually situated in Tassie myself and would be glad to help

  14. FadeIntoFlame

    I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops. Welcome back man.

  15. Mike

    Never mind black and white totally works

  16. Ludo

    Awesome to have you back, can’t wait :)

  17. grayfoxpianist

    Yeah, the black and white definitely fits, especially with the flashback. My life is fancy again!

  18. ThePaulMoore

    It’s hilarious how well black & white works for the beginning of chapter 11, though it might not seem so welcome for present-day sequences.

  19. Well of Three Features

    I would honestly still prefer to see the series return to color, however the black and white totally fits for a flashback! Back to olden days, before color was invented.

  20. Riku

    I think black and white would fit for “in the past” stuff! Kind of like those old noir movies 😀

  21. TheFemaleIncarnationOfSatan

    Noo… You took away our color ):

  22. LtFusion


    I think a Facebook page would help some. Between getting updates and sharing with others, it could be quite beneficial. But maybe that’s just me.

  23. scidude

    Welcome back!!!
    Excited for these new developments, comic-wise and life-wise 😀


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