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January 9th, 2012

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And we’re back! I hope everyone had a good holiday and whatnot!


  1. James

    Welcome back Happy New Year 2012 !!!!! ; D ( First in the new year !! )

  2. James

    My holiday was GREAT how was yours ?!

  3. Jamie

    Pretty great!

  4. James

    Excellent now I look forward to more complex plots and story arcs !!

  5. FanXplosion

    Wow… I can’t say I’m shocked by this outcome… but something about it is still very shocking, I guess its Grin’s response compared to Gavin’s flatness? I love this page!

  6. SmashFiles

    I never commented on the other ones, but this is getting really interesting… Definitely a twist i didn’t see coming at all. Great job dude (:

  7. alurker

    Well, the thoughts are clearer, but we are lacking a little on the emotional side.

    … fascinating. ;-|

  8. ThisGuy

    Well, this was a popular scenario. but my mine just came to the realization that if gavin is pure data, then he wouldn’t be able to have proper emotions. He would just be a logic machine.

  9. Frostbite4.0

    this is now the face I will associate with Mr. Big, bad, binary-eyes. His expression here matches so much better than the slightly amused grin. Of course I’ll probably see both…

  10. Frostbite4.0

    also, is that the suit he wears now? It looks similar, albeit a little lighter and blue

  11. Anon

    So Gavin, in the end, _was_ responsible for his own fate, which makes Grin basically “innocent”.

    Now all we need is how Gavin got to the mask stage, and the answer to how Jack could possibly beat a hack that’s really only vulnerable by trashing or hacking every last server Gavin’s been uploaded to.

  12. Ignis


    Great as always Jamie. Welcome back!

  13. Derp

    Interesting. So Gavin is *literally* a ghost in the machine and what we see is only a projection.

  14. Shawwah?! Man


    Were you inspired by anime in this page? Gavin looks a little Japanese here.

  15. gangler

    I love this development. It feels like it should’ve be obvious, but I never would’ve predicted it in a hundred years.

  16. JerkWad

    Bout time you handsome dude with great teeth.

  17. Katrika

    Oh man, I guessed this SO FAR back. SO FAR. I’m loving it!

  18. Ether101

    Maybe they need to defrag Gavin.

  19. Scidude

    Welcome back! And as always, a solid reentry to the cartoonosphere.
    @ Ether101
    You have a good point there. After several years of running a projected human, those files have to be all over the hard drives now!

  20. Benedict

    Grin isn’t very good at transhumanism, is she?

  21. gangler

    Dammit she’s a doctor not a transhumanist!

  22. CHT

    Still doesn’t answer who gavin originally was though.

  23. Lunar

    WARNING. WARNING. Unknown challenger approaches. *insert “Artimis” here*

  24. ONEintheinfinite

    I’ve read everything now… in one sitting

  25. Meaty


    So… so, Gavin isn’t real… or he is real but he was never really there… or he was there but not physically…



  26. Shawwah?! Man

    The terminal cancer guy is Gavin. So Gavin was real…. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. NOW YOU SCREWED MY HEAD TOO. :(

  27. Flaming squirrel

    interesting… isn’t there a virus called Artemis? Could be a cool tie in to the real world :)

  28. Arch Angel

    Dude. That explains soo much.
    I guess this means we just have to crash the computers. One way or another.

  29. Ludo

    @Arch Angel


  30. StrayXL

    Called it

  31. Mycroft

    ok, so that means Gavin is a virtual conscience like Agent Smith?

  32. Crestlinger

    Already has the hand gestures of the current one down pat so that likely transferred over with him.

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