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October 24th, 2011

Page 338

Aaww yeah it’s Chapter ten! I hope you are ready for some things to happen.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Frostbite4.0

    Heheh, i like how crystal is using jack as a distraction to check on max

  2. Frostbite4.0

    whoa, first comment that’s weird…

  3. CHT

    First is jelly. JackxGavin confrontation.

  4. Emilio

    Jack really doesn’t look good. But the sheer amount of tension in this comic is incredible.

  5. Spastic typer

    I knew he was going to pull that loophole. No mention of friends in the deal, so he can’t retaliate. Then he did anyways, because Jack Cannon is a fancy gentleman. The question now is how Gavin will respond to this. The deal is fairly new, so I get the feeling that he’s going to let him off this time. But on the other hand, hack-proof Jack is feeling a bit light headed due to the fact that the air he’s breathing was hacked in, so Gavin might also take this opportunity to cream him. Exciting stuff.

  6. James

    CHAPTER TEN !!!!!! CONGRATS !!!!! Now we all know what that means…after this comes the next book !!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAY !!!!!!!!! ; D

  7. James

    Well Hopefully..anyway enjoying the ride so far !!!!! ; D

  8. Scidude

    Yaay Chapter 10! Great build up. Some awesome stuff stuff is about to go down.

  9. DukeGod

    @Spastic typer: not really a loophole there et all XD If Jack’s friends had been worked he could just claim everyone his friends.
    It was just a preemptive measure so that they actually would have targets

  10. SweetRevenge

    it wasn’t even a deal anyway. Sounds more like blackmailing to me

  11. Roy

    I really do like these side-views of Gavin!

  12. Meaty

    Woah, wait! Thanks for reading!? WHAT’S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN? ARE YOU ENDING THE COMIC!?

    I mean, chapter 10 would be the perfect place to end the comic, AND YOU’RE HAVING THE DRAMATIC BATTLE BETWEEN JACK AND GAVIN TOO!?

    Well, anyway, new scoreboard time.

  13. LiveLife2TheMax

    fantastic brilliant as ever jamie well done

  14. Allianna rene

    Go Jack! Great job Jamie. I freakin love your work!

  15. Shawwah?! Man

    I noticed… Jack grew to look more awesome through the chapters. He even has the guts now! I mean, now he’s facing the head honcho of hackers. In page 1, he was afraid of school. LOL! Nevertheless, this comic is pretty fancy. ;D

  16. yoshierider

    I just remembered that Crystal healed Jack when they first met. Can she do the same thing here for Max?

  17. ninjakitties

    Aww yeah indeed 😀 I am so totally pumped for this chapter.

  18. justanotherfan

    Can’t wait for the next update!

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