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April 11th, 2011

Page 282

Neeeew chapter!

I also shut down the forums due to ridiculous spam and littler actual activity. Sorry to the guys who did use it. Particularly the one person who had just joined when my patience for the spambots ran out. It wasn’t your fault!


  1. Derek

    You mispelled “What” to “Whay” in the first speech bubble.

  2. Jamie

    Whoops! Thanks, I’m such a cooldude™.
    All fixed.

  3. Kai

    Perchance are you referring to me?
    No offence taken, though I am still curious to hear what your response would have been :)

  4. James

    Ah…Ch. 8 Finally…then 9 and 10 and Hurrah new book !!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEE ; D

  5. CI

    Uh, shouldn’t this be Chapter 9?

  6. Jamie

    Friggin DERP! You’re right!
    What the hell, I must have been stressing when I made this page or something… >_<

  7. H_T

    Haha! Hey, you’re human. Everyone makes mistakes.

  8. Meaty

    Chapter 8!? Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  9. arch angel

    While I won’t ‘squee,’ I’m glad for the next chapter.

  10. Tsapki

    Hmm, I wonder on what the problem is.

    I have two hypothese (or however you spell plural hypothesis):

    1. Jones can’t turn off whatever he does that nullifies, suppresses or counters hacking and that might make the deal difficult if he inadvertently runs across some Hacker activity and would be seen as breach of the possibly deal.

    2. Jones has no intention of letting the General accept the deal, possibly due to some still unrevealed reason that will not allow him to step aside from fighting the Hackers. Personally hoping if this is the reason, sometime akin to a mongoose vs. snake relationship.

  11. Jamie

    Were you the Aussie who had a comic too? I thanked you for your kind words and said in the few pages your comic had online you’d been showing some pretty steady improvment. keep it up

  12. RaeMina

    Oh yeah Chapters! :O Let’s see where this takes us then >3>

  13. livlife2themax

    i wonder what happenes next hehehehehe im excited

  14. Ivory

    I’m so happy i remembered to come back. After reading a few months in a couple minutes, im all caught up and cant wait for more 😀

  15. Kai

    Yeah, that was me.
    Also, thanks!

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