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April 8th, 2011

Page 281

Someone finally said it.


  1. Raizion

    Take me to that Phallus! Wait, isn’t a phalls a -/shot

  2. LtFusion

    Panel 2 deserves a poster me thinks.

  3. Frostbite4.0

    Don’t ask any questions Mr. Chaffeur. Just drive to the oversized … phallus.

    All right Craig reeally shoulda thought that through.

  4. gangler

    Ominous foreshadowing?

  5. Phallus

    I think Craig’s compensating for something…

  6. RaeMina

    Second panel reminds me just how awesome Jack is

  7. Ventnor

    I think that last line of Jack’s may be the best line in the comic so far.

  8. Bastet

    Damn, I read that right-to-left two times and didn’t realize that’s the reason the comic makes little sence DX No more reading manga till 3 am!

    OF COURSE he’s going to come back! It’s LATER when the consequential troubles will come!

  9. phildog

    Heh heh, giant dick. Just like Craig is. Well done.

  10. LightPlaceAngel

    No? Still no punching? Darn.

  11. StariCari

    @LightPlaceAngel I wish. It’s on it’s way!

  12. StariCari

    By the way, whatever happened to the “Jack had a brother” thing? Anyone else curious?

  13. Ryexander

    the brother is dead remember?

    by the way Jamie, well played… well played.

  14. gangler

    Aww. You closed the board? Guess you were getting tired of deleting all that spam without anyone ever posting. Understandable. It’ll be missed.

  15. Jamie

    Yeah, it sucks. I enjoyed the few topics that sprung up but the spam just got worse and worse. If I can find a decent filer program or something ill open it up again.

  16. Sandman366

    You know, I just have to wonder….

    Does he mean the building itself, or the guy who made it?

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