Page 242
November 19th, 2010

Page 242

Max you need to lighten up.


  1. mmm122

    o.o Slightly lighter tone. Feels like it.

  2. Randomsquared

    You Max are a determined S.O.B. lol You rule! <3

  3. FanXplosion

    Max is my HERO

  4. James

    Oh thank God Caesar is Alive !!!!!!! ; )

  5. isaac

    i would at least w8 for the eye to stop being red, and to look less dead

  6. wildace

    still stubbornly tough even when he looks like one of the walking dead

  7. Ordinaire

    Max is a beast, no other way to describe it. this is a weird departure from the star of the series tho, it’ll be awesome to see Jack Cannon go on his awesome spree of revenge :)

  8. BluerzGooerz


  9. marca311

    It looks like max just came out from a giant blueberry/Saskatoon berry fight.
    Good to know that Caesar is alive.(maybe?)

    Man I wish I could facepunch all the snow in the world. (One heck of a day getting to school and back on a bike, 10 minute ride turned into half an hour)

  10. Sio

    Max has a fever. And the only prescription is MORE COWBELL.

  11. Abeo

    Man. He is going to hate waking up for the next week or so.

  12. Arch Angel

    See, I told you all he needed was to walk it off. :)

  13. Rusty-Knight

    It’s the elusive Spotted Facepuncher.

  14. Nanoth

    One of the main rules in Anime/Comics/Fiction…

    Bandaids fix EVERYTHING!!!

  15. RaeMina

    I’d say this comic needs to lighten up, but then it would be awesome, sooo keep it up 😀

  16. Mike

    With that many bruises you’d have to worry about blood clots.

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