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November 15th, 2010

Page 241


  1. mmm122

    DANG. o.o

  2. LtFusion

    Max is a badass…to the MAX!

  3. BluerzGooerz

    ummm OW!?!

  4. Merks

    Man they almost made him a smurf

  5. FanXplosion

    Bruises, burns, and a fractured rib, but still kicking.

  6. James

    OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ; )

  7. one_rebel

    I cringed looking at those bruises! e.e Bruises are not fun.

  8. Matthew

    Is it just me or does Max’s skin look slightly greenish in the last two panels?

  9. Frostbite4.0

    It almost looks like he got into a water balloon fight where they used purple paint instead.

  10. Tsapki

    Matthew, I think you are right, though it might just be something on the scanning or other minor thing. Unless the doctor is hitting him with some sleep gas or something.

    But I do agree with everyone though, yikes. Max looks like a blueberry pancake with all those bruises.

  11. Darjeel

    @Matthew: It is because he is about to hulk out.

  12. grayfoxpianist

    Should be “your” in the first panel. And “Hooray, now…”
    I haven’t won THE PRIZE in a while! Haha.

  13. WriterPerson

    The only true way to see if something is broken: poke ite.

  14. Jamie

    ooh. Ill fix the first panel when I get home, but max speaking without punctuation was deliberate. Enjoy your THE PRIZE

  15. Swot

    Why should it be “your”? I thought that you’ve as you have makes sense. Though you have might, technically, be more correct than you’ve got.
    Also, is it just me, or does this doctor not sound that professional?

  16. Jamie

    “all over you body” is where my proof reading failed.
    Max is very hands on when it comes to fixing problems, so he and the MIs medical staff are pretty fimiliar and less formal.

  17. Arch Angel

    Max? Lie down and heal? BLASPHOMEY!!! He just needs to hit someone/something a few dozen times, take a relaxing walk (I hear the beech is nice this time of year), drink an energy drink, and he’ll be just fine.

  18. Mary

    Somehow… Max seems so much older … I guess it’s the stress. I highly doubt “lie down and heal” is what he wants to do right now.. knowing Max it’s probably more like “Save everyone or die trying”.

  19. Tychon23

    No one else is gonna say it? Okay.

    Max is freakin’ BUFF. Lookit them shoulders!

  20. Techhead

    Of course Max is okay, but what about the Emperor?
    (It’s what I decided to call J. Caesar. Seemed appropriate.)

  21. Zero

    Yeah, I noticed the green glowing as well… is he a radiation hazard or something?

  22. booper101

    Could he look green because of the walls being slightly green?

  23. Envoy

    I suspect tiny plant monsters in the area….or zombies.

  24. zack of hiskatana

    okay, i take back all my comments about max goin down too easy.
    it just didnt look like the invisi-fists were hitting him ore than like five times.
    which doesnt seem like alot for a guy that punched out the moon…

  25. Kitty-cat

    When Max has been beaten, he just stops being beaten and starts being awesome… true story *nods*

  26. Luke Hatfield

    I’m sorry, but the doctor here just doesn’t seem well drawn.

  27. Jamie


  28. Luke Hatfield

    Actually, I take that back. She only looks a bit off in panel 3. She looks fine in all of the other panels (for both this and the page after this)

  29. zack of hiskatana

    mebbe max is like the sayans, when he gets beaten within an inch of his life, he gets stronger…..
    still awesome.

  30. Crestlinger

    But the eyebrows are Okay. His source of power is good to go.

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