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September 3rd, 2010

Page 224

Good news guys! Hardcover versions of The Fancy Adventures of Jack Cannon are now available! They are $27 each and look awesome!

Also, to celebrate price reductions the softcover version has been reduced to $19.50! “But that’s under twenty dollars!” I hear you say. I recline in my big leather chair, take a swig of my bourbon and reply to you; “I know.” 

You can order the Hardcover edition HEEEEERE.

The Cheaper, Softer option is over HEEEERE.

I will be updating the store page soon. 

Oh, hey, also, a quick sout out to John B. who donated the other day! Thanks for supporting Fancy Adventures!


  1. mmm122

    Crazy badass.

  2. grayfoxpianist

    I like how the hackers’ faces match the tone of the comic at the time. Great job, Jamie.

  3. ThisIsAScreenname

    Max has a plan, right? Max ALWAYS has a plan. So he’ll fix this, right? Right. Er….Right?! D: GO MAX, GO. OR MAYBE JACK. Ahem…WHOEVER IS GONNA SAVE THE DAY, GO! GOOO! Um, okay. I’m done now. 😀

  4. one_rebel

    I like how Max looked away when Gavin told him that he had the General’s granddaughter. He doesn’t take defeat that easily. I wouldn’t be so happy if I couldn’t stop my friend from being kidnapped…

    I have this dark sinking feeling now. >.< May I request a tiny bit of comic relief?

  5. Johnny Whoa

    Damnit, Max. Quit making me lose faith in you. If you don’t learn to punch hacks, we might have issues.

    Also: Awesome, hardcover’s out! I’ll be ordering one soon 😀

  6. Lucas

    Oh man…Don’t worry Crystal your knight in shining sideburns will save you! >:C

  7. saper

    my olny comment is OOOoooOOOooOOOO!!!

  8. DragonChild

    I see it like this, she gets captured.. and since the hackers would basically destroy anyone who goes after her, the General and Max have to convince Jack and his parents to let Jack go in (possibly with Max) in an effort to save her.

    Of course this would be after a short training montage to get him ready to face off against Gavin.

  9. UnkownSoldier

    Why doesn’t the General/Jack/someone just train some counter-hackers? It probably wouldn’t be that hard, and it could even things out. Like, a lot.

  10. Tsapki

    Unknown, could possibly be that Gavin has something special that enables him to train Hackers/ Heck their base is in outer space and I’ve yet to see a MI rocket ship, though I suppose it wouldn’t surprise me.

    Also, recall that that fellow earlier who was talking with Jack over the loudspeaker was supposed to be something of a counterhack. Gavin couldn’t see into the base and I’ve fairly sure his powers weren’t going to work until he took care of that problem.

  11. zack of hiskatana

    which brings up the question of how gavin took care of the counterhack guy.
    And COME ON! facepuncher cant go down that easily! i mean he took on the freaking moon! and doomchin…. yeah i shoulda stopped with the moon. but he has to be tough! i see max as a barbarian type; huge damage, no defence, huge amount of hitpoints.

  12. tailman

    hey, anyone who’s handing out free tvs cant be all bad

  13. severburn

    Someone’s about to get facepunched.

    My bet is on Jack.

  14. Jackrabbit

    This indicates Gavin could have annihilated the HQ and everyone in it whenever he wanted to. Clearly he doesn’t see them as a threat.

    Scary guy.

  15. Arch Angel

    @Jackrabbit: which begs the question; ‘just how powerful is Gavin, and how will Jack/Max beat him?’

  16. Random

    well at least we know that gavin isn’t almighty
    we know from before that he couldn’t enter MI without any inside help.

    i personally hope that this mean that they a have a secret weapon maybe?
    (a laser would be awesome… NO a facepunching laser) >:D

  17. reynard61

    @ Random: Or sharks with frikkin’ facepunching lasers strapped to their heads!!! *puts tip of pinkie to side of mouth*

  18. Grog

    Still can’t get over the fact that Gavin is wearing a suit jacket without an undershirt. He’s such a pimp.

  19. gangler

    After random’s comment I suddenly pictured Jack and Max doing the fusion dance. I can’t for the life of me picture what the result would look like.

  20. Krell1

    Hardcover book=DO WANT

  21. BluerzGooerz

    wat the hell!? cumm on max stop bein lazy and kick his @$$! if u dnt jack will! and tht will be embarrassing….
    wait it already is embarrasing for you max…srr!

    also, cue jack’s heroic rescue…NOW!!!

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