Page 220
August 20th, 2010

Page 220

Manic has a kind of theme going.


  1. ThisIsAScreenname

    Come on, guys. Let’s just sit down and talk about this like nice, civilized people.

    …Wait, what am I talking about? That would be BOOOORING. Okay, continue.

  2. Ryan Smith

    The knee guards! They do nothing!!

  3. matty

    A wise cybernetic organism once said…”He’ll Live”

  4. taltamir

    miss hacker is displaying a whole lot of compassion and mercy lately…

  5. Blee

    It’s only a flesh wound.

    Someone had to say it.

  6. Willard

    … Ouch?

  7. Merks

    should have gone for shin guards instead of knee pads.

    also nice work Blee. Someone did have to say that haha

  8. Jude

    I have a feeling. And it is a very every-single-hacker-ever-is-about-to-get-face-punched feeling. That’s what I took from that first panel, at least.

    Also, way to go Manic! Gratuitous violence solves anything!

  9. Seros Senric

    There are two things I got from this page. One, Grin seemed to have a school girl “squee” moment, and two, the hackers seem to be interested in Crystal. I think they want her epic scarf.

  10. Grog


    Manic is. Um.

    Well, he’s a friggin psycho.

  11. Vester

    I know what Max is thinking and I’m really hoping he doesn’t try it. If he does, we’ll get to find out if he actually can dodge instant murder.

    I’m scared.

  12. Tier Twenty

    And then Caesar gets a prosthetic rocket leg.
    And it was good.

  13. Johnny Whoa

    Wait, is this the same incompetent Manic that Jack beat the hell out of?

  14. Jamie

    Seros Senric: That was no squee.

  15. BluerzGooerz

    DID HE JUST CUT OFF HIS LEG!!?!?!?!?!?!? EPIC!

    …i cnt beleive i just said tht

  16. Rusty-Knight

    “Very good Manic. He won’t be doing much thinking with that leg!”

  17. The Jester


    I… I can’t think of anything to say.

  18. SweetRevenge


  19. FrostDeman

    He must have brought Maniac back to life and didn’t tell anyone…that would explain the reactions brought about when Maniac did what he always does, cut things up.

  20. grayfoxpianist

    Meh, Caesar’s had worse.

  21. Saiyza

    GASP! Manic hacked off Caesar’s leg!…….Get it? Hacked? Oh, serious moment….

  22. Rez

    Now we see what Manic’s like when he acts like a hacker.
    Damn… never thought I would say I would rather have a psychopath with a meat cleaver instead of a keyboard…
    Also, you think Grin would be used to that, or something. Or maybe Manic is the only one to do things like instant removal of limbs, instead of summoning rock people. I guess.

    Rezidual Shok

  23. Krell1

    I don’t get it; I SWEAR that Jack already killed manic with the butchers knife!

  24. Krell1

    I just noticed that the red-head guy has a sharp wooded stake strapped to his leg. Is he a part time vampire hunter as well as anti-hacker enforcer?

  25. Alexander

    After reading this comic, only a single thought comes to mind…

    He should be careful of those shoe laces.

  26. Arch Angel

    Um… Dude? WTF!? Revenge for getting his own cleaver in his leg, I guess.

  27. severburn

    I guess his favorite genre is…hack and slash.

  28. Jamie

    Krell1: Jack has never killed anyone.

  29. Katrika

    I think Grin is the hacker most likely to have an attack of regret and join the heroes side. Or would be, if she doesn’t know full well what would happen to her after that!

  30. Krell1


    Huh. So…Jack just MAIMED Manic? Huh.

  31. Imagine2bfree

    I like how he just seems to be rather surprised that his leg came off that easily instead of in utter and horrifyingly painful shock and agony.

    “Oh! Why old chap you just cut my leg off. Bugger.”

    “Shouldn’t you be…I don’t know…crying on the floor writing in pain right now?”

    “I know Max Facepuncher. And people who know Max Facepuncher don’t cry. They punch.” And then he kills everyone. Including Crystal, for her safety of course. Who KNOWS what those Hackers would have done to her?

  32. Tsapki

    To Krell

    Mmhm, if you recall there is a comic after they attacked Jack where Manic is being chewed out by Gavin. Something to the extent of ‘apparently anything sentient can get the drop on you’ if I recall correctly.

  33. Tsapki

    The Maiming

    The Chewing

  34. SovietCommissar

    And we’ve moved up into the realm of limb-loss. Can’t wait to see the next one!

  35. SovietCommissar

    Also, addenda: speaking of females, what happened to the normal, non-super-powered ones from ye olde school? Haha.

  36. Tier Twenty


    He didn’t hurt Manic. He jumped on his own knife! Honest!

  37. Zero

    Well… at the very least it’s a good thing that…

    IT’S NOT A TUMOR!!!!!!!!! \ 0_0 /

  38. sage

    Falling legs and invisible punches? Sounds like the comic author just saw Elfen Lied.

  39. Ding

    Awesome as always!

    though I’ve been wondering. Are the hackers just typing in Binary? if that’s so they why do they need a whole keyboard on hand?

  40. Zero

    Legs are for the weak anyway

  41. Crestlinger

    His previous statement won’t have a leg to stand on at this rate.

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