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May 11th, 2009

Page 88


  1. Lt. Fusion

    I don’t want to wait til Friday…Instant Gratification NAO! 😛

    Keep up the awesomeness Jaime!

  2. Deathmotto

    Fail stratosphere… hah!

    Like fusion said. Keep up the awesomeness!

  3. Demented Kat

    Dammit Jamie! You and your majorly awesome-sauce comic has given me so much love/hate!
    (love because this comic is so inconceivably win-made, and hate because I NEEDS MOAR AWESOMENESS!!!)

  4. Mikey8152

    *gasp* it’s an apple computer! I knew Mac was evil!

  5. Biligum

    No, that looks like a Windows computer, actually. Or do they have the same power button?

  6. Jamie

    They’re probably running linux up there. 😉

  7. Shroomi

    I love this comic.

    That is all.

  8. Thementalhyuuga

    hacker base IN SPAAAACCEEEE……you could say anything then IN SPAAAAAAACE and mae it sound FTW like hmmm…… detectives…..IN SPAAAAAAAAAACE

  9. Plue9

    Oh god it’s the HACKSTAR!!

  10. boga

    Lol at the Hackstar

  11. Skan

    …the Linux hackstar 2.0…the third!

  12. Joe Whitehead

    It’s a… Mac. Nothing more.

  13. Speedy

    I always wondered what the first Borg cube looked like…

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