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Saturday, May 9th, 2009

So its been a while since I’ve put a news post of any kind up here, mainly because there’s been nothing I’ve really considered newsworthy happen lately and anything else would really just be self indulgent mindless babble or something like that.
You know how it is.

Though the downside to this is that the news section hasn’t been updated since two thousand and friggin’ eight. SO! From time to time I will now post things such as my feelings, favorite colour (you better believe that’s how I spell it.), what I am wearing and what video game I am playing.
I will understand fully and without question if you could not care any less.
It’s cool, really. I just want this part of the website to feel more loved.
If you’re okay with that then take my manly yet surprisingly smooth hand and join me on my mundane adventures!

To kick this semi revival off I though I would start by talking about something on topic with the Jack Cannon comic you have all come here to read:
I have decided to reduce the size of the comic by about 5 percent or so. Personally, I think the line work looks nicer this way and it has the double benefit of not being humongous for people who view the site at anything less than 1920×1200… That’s right, Average Joe, not only am I thinking about you, but I care, too!
I might reduce all the previous comics so everything matches, but then, I don’t know if reeeally want to. I’d rather time spent on the Fancy Adventures to be progressing the story and making more comics instead of making the old ones smaller.

Oh and hey, also while I remember, readership has picked up a little bit since I started doing some advertising. I’d like to welcome all you new readers and I hope you are enjoying the comic! All the comments I have been getting have been awesome to read. …Mmmmminus the Viagra spam.