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December 28th, 2009

Page 153

Aaaaand welcome to chapter six! Hey, meet Caesar. He enjoys fingerless gloves and body armor.

Man I was kinda under the weather yesterday and didn’t get around to making a vote incentive, sorry. If you still wanna vote regardless, don’t let me stop you.

This is also the last comic for 2009! Wow. it was a pretty decent year for the comic, here’s to 2010!


  1. Jackrabbit

    Hey, are you doing something different with the colouring and drawing? I’ll admit to not reading your blog, so forgive me if it’s been mentioned but the picture seems to pop out at me.

    Also it’s very impressive and very well done, but I’m sure you don’t care about things likea that.

  2. Jamie

    oh, I did some shading for the M.I. scene. I’m also doing something a little different with the eyes.

  3. merks

    Hey this is looking gooooood. Like saturday morning macross/yamaoto sort of vibe.

    Also introducing a character carrying a deadbody in a sack completely casual is the best way to introduce a character. I also like how he keeps his gun unclipped for immediate action

  4. Lordofufools

    umm u do realize that ceaser has a dead FREAKIN BODY in the bag he is carrying

  5. LtFusion

    It could be his laundry…he’s not Max after all. ­čśŤ

  6. thementalhyuuga

    Or maybe its just the heads of his victims! they oonly have to bring in the head to prove hat they killed the target!

  7. alurker

    I WAS going to say – hey! A normal-looking agent.
    Then I saw the sinister dripping sack…

  8. Katman

    First time commenting. Love the comic. Wonder if he is with the general for fighting the shark? That had to be out of bounds. It was obviously spreading holiday joy and cheer! Then Max came….

  9. Thozmp

    Is it just me, or is that scarf getting longer all the time?

  10. Jaja Bean

    Ooh she has some titties.

  11. zack

    i like fingerless gloves 2

  12. zack

    wow. tht would be a wooden stake wouldn it?
    hmmm…… vampires?

  13. I like puns

    due to his recent mishap, the Generals GLOVES are off, let’s hope he doesn’t get sacked, many of us fans are too enARMORED with him.

  14. Matanui3

    who DOESN’T enjoy fingerless gloves… to look cool anyway

  15. idk

    omg omg omg! thr is a stake in cesars holster did he kill a vampire!!?!?!?!?

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