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October 26th, 2009

Page 136

Oh Jack, why weren’t you ready for that? Someone’s been getting too used to one hit wins, maybe.

So I was asked on the forum if I would consider doing a donation thing where I would update Fancy Adventures whenever I hit some kind of goal.

I’m totally thinking about implementing it, since my income these days is zero. I’m also thinking about maybe doing commissions? We’ll see.

Feel free to hit up the forum and contribute to the discussion. Speaking of it, the forum needs some love, as I think the comment system has taken all the attention away from it, and now it feels neglected.

Have I mentioned the forum?


  1. Thementalhyuuga

    Random clerk:hello may I take yer order?
    Jack: sure ill take a doubble cheese burger with NO mustard as in NONE AT ALL
    ~~7 minute later~~
    clerk:here you go sir
    Jack:*opens the burger and takes a bite then throws it and grabs a chair* I said I didn’t want- SMACK–ANY-SMACK–MUSTARD!!!!!

  2. LtFusion

    Tell me more about this forum.

  3. Jamie

    There is a forum.

  4. merks

    how about whenever someone punches you, you will update the comic. It would be pretty fun, you’d live life on the edge never knowing when you are going to be attacked and you’d get a fist to face with your readership. A life imitating art scenario.

    Think about it.

    Some nice action in this page. keep it up!

  5. Jamie

    Man I haven’t been in a fight for ages, I kinda like the painlessness that not fighting brings.
    Yes, I think I will keep the combat to paper. Thanks for the suggestion though, Merks.

  6. Dizit

    Hehe. Bwock. It reminds me of that time when that pterodactyl got owned by Aztec lasers.

  7. rakurai

    Man, I *almost* forgot to check the Fancy today…

  8. Kellins

    Though I bet “the forum” is nicer to talk about such goodiness of the awsome facepunching, buttkicking, backstabbing adventures of the crazy kid who was taught to defend himself from the almost uninmaginable situation that whatever accure in anyone’s fate, I’ve spent too much time in any forum to know that they are not my kind of place.

    ….Did a chicken go off in the second panel?

  9. Jamie

    @Nicole: Oh, wow! thanks so much :)
    @Some Guy: I think you find that out on Friday.

  10. zack

    methinks frankie has been mindhacked and souped up via hacking.

  11. I like puns

    to say Jack was prepared for such a UNDERHAND(by a few FEET) attack, would be a STRETCH

  12. Arch Angel

    @ I like puns: I think that was the worst pun yet, but that’s just me.

  13. Crestlinger

    Reactions from the class?

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