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October 5th, 2009

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I think Jack is seeing red about now. Again, I had a lot of fun drawing Cindy and Angel in this strip.


  1. Big fan of too many web comics

    Why’d Angel have to leave too…

  2. Klassen

    And done that was the shortest archive I have gone though in awhile. The comic is above avearge (I can’t spell either and don’t feel like using spell check for this) anyway I plan to continue reading but I don’t think I am every going to comment again which is standard for me.

  3. Cyril

    I like how interested Angel is in this. I mean, maybe she’s giving puncherface (yay, pseudo-spoonerization) the benefit of the doubt, but I mean, I think its awesome!

  4. Thementalhyuuga

    Hahahha I love the last pannel when Max is all “I’m sensing some hostility Jack” haha

  5. Deathmotto

    So panel four. Is that “No, we leave!!!” or “Now we leave!!!” Just curious.

    And yes jack it did sound like it.

  6. Deathmotto

    Nevermind. I somehow missed that tiny I. Answers my stupid question. haha

  7. Jamie

    I take full responsibility for you missing the “I..” it’s placed pretty poorly. I think I might go in and edit it when I’m done with the comic I’m working on.

  8. Jamie

    Okay, that should read better.

  9. Kaento

    Max’s eye in the last panel is kinda freaking me out…

  10. burnishedspeciosity

    “I’m sensing some hostility, Jack.”


  11. Johnny Whoa

    Jack should lighten up. Max’s made it pretty clear that he’s been impressed by Jack and wants to be a friend.

    Given the list of people who just flat out want to kill him, you’d think he’s be more open to people who don’t.

    *smokes bubble pipe*
    I is phychologist-man!

  12. advancedflea

    Johnny Whoa: To be fair, the first thing Max did when he met Jack was try to facepunch him. No one in their right mind is going to immediatly warm to someone who does that, then appears to start stalking them! XD

  13. andy.s

    Sorry if this is a FAQ, but what country is this supposed to be set in? On the one hand, most of the characters are loud, obnoxious and violent, so I’m thinking it’s here in the US, on the other other hand there’s Aussie/Brit-isms, like “maths” and “arse”.

  14. zeo

    when does this site update

  15. Thementalhyuuga

    Zeo: it updates Mondays and Fridays :3

  16. Jamie

    Andy: It’s set in Australia

  17. Johnny Whoa


    I can”t be like that and be psychologist man, can I?

  18. advancedflea

    Johnny Whoa: naah, you can. I totally bought into your psychologist-ist-ness there 😀

  19. Captain Whosit

    Max has really gotten it backwards. Somehow, I imagine, if he had only done the “nice guy” routine first, Jack might have listened to him. *Then* he could switch to the “friendly rival face-puncher” routine.

    As far as story goes, I wonder how this will be resolved. It seems as though Jack has absolutely no reason to associate with Max (and, perhaps, with those *Max* associates with) yet it seems as though such an alliance may be important for future events. Will some new threat emerge that forces Jack to tolerate Max? Will Jack hit Max in the face with a tree? Dunno. But I hope that they won’t keep dancing around like this much longer.

    Then again, pacing is harder to measure with a bi-weekly strip. Seems it could be a “running gag,” with some in-between time, but I don’t get the impression that that’s what’s going on.

    And where is Max’s supervisor, anyway?
    And has Angel always had a pink backpack? I’ll have to go check . . . .

    In closing: Still a very interesting strip here. I’m mostly interested in seeing how Jack, Cindy, and Angel get along, mainly because Jack is still the “outcast” and I guess I see this almost more of a “character” story with action elements than the other way around. Of course, my head might be on backwards for all I know.

    Closing closing: At least Max didn’t do the whole “pretend I’m a student” thing.

  20. Biligum

    @Captain Whosit:
    Jack hitting Max in the face with a tree… This needs to be enacted.

  21. RaeMina

    Max’s eye is HUGE in that last panel…

  22. newllend(voidSN)

    What from him or you.

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