page 129
October 2nd, 2009

page 129

Hey guys! I haven’t eaten all day! I’m so hungry I can’t think of anything to write here. I’m off to cook a burger or something.

CRITICAL BURGER UPDATE: Oh man, that was so good.


  1. Kanaka

    I’m starting to suspect those eyebrows play a pretty significant role in this story :)

    Can I haz cheezburger?

  2. Anime Tom

    Just Read Through The Entire Archive And I Gotta Say This Comic Is Too Entertaining

  3. Thementalhyuuga

    Hahahaha again with the Eyebrowz!

  4. burnishedspeciosity

    Jack REALLY needs to work on his snappy dialogue.

  5. Big fan of too many web comics

    Who needs snappy dialogue when you fight like Jack does

  6. burnishedspeciosity


  7. merks

    haha i love the action beams behind a stumbling “tough guy line” attempt by Jack.

    it be cool if you could attach music to the panels when you roll the mouse over. Make it hapen Jamie! it has to be easy

  8. Jamie

    Sure, merks! <_<ย  >_>

  9. AdvancedFlea

    Merks: While it is easy, It would HAMMER the bandwidth allocated to the website ๐Ÿ˜‰ not to mention, it’s only easy in a HTML document. ComicPress and WordPress-powered comics aren’t HTML files, they are just pictures that are uploaded so I’m not sure it would be so easy ๐Ÿ˜‰

    …but it would be cool ^_^

  10. Jamie

    I’m sure Merks was only kidding around with me. Hahah… right… merks?

  11. jolson42

    Maybe it’s just me, or perhaps Google Reader, but this page has appeared in the RSS feed three times now.

  12. Jamie

    Weird. I’m not much of an RSS person myself, but the feedburner feed seems to be fine.

  13. Cyril


    Awesome comic.

  14. Vovanich

    WHAT? THATS IT? me wuz teh reading all ze comicz till nao 2 fiend teh page ovur wif just dis many strips? *sad face* ima go kry in da kornur :(

    nice stuff btw, make more lol

  15. legowego

    Eyebrowed Menace from this comic vs…
    WALUGI from Brawl in the

    Who will win?
    Chuck norris

  16. Vovanich

    a che po ruski zagovorili lol

  17. alurker

    “Jack wasn’t kidding. Those are some serious eyebrows” – that made actually made me laugh out loud for real. Currently plowing though the archives. This comic is just plain awesome.

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