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August 10th, 2009

page 114

Heads up, it’s chapter 5!


  1. LarryK32

    When she says it like that, it does sound pretty crazy.

  2. Biligum

    So… Chapter 5… How many chapters are there going to be, anyway? Out of curiosity. I’m assuming this is going to be one of those large-to-epic-length comics, like Order of the Stick or 8-bit Theatre, but I’m curious nonetheless.

  3. FShounen

    >_< woot for the random Black dude

  4. Jamie

    There’s no definitive number of chapters at the moment.

  5. One Rebel

    The fact that the setting turned back to the school depresses me, I go to school tomorrow T.T

  6. Banish

    Ewww, education… thats like book learnin and stuff… Im smrt enough to know that knowing things is pointless. And whoot chapter five!!!

  7. noticably new

    omg max is gonna show up at his school for no reason

  8. merks

    haha your trees are hillarious Andy. Great article

  9. Jamie

    Thanks, Merks. XD

  10. *GLitCh!

    I just realized, that your paneling is bland….I expect something better from an artist/writer of your caliber.

  11. TCC

    *GASP!* bland paneling?! …. but wait… doesn’t the fact that you didn’t notice meen that it isn’t bland? O.o

  12. Anyone

    Oh, unchanging outfits! How you remind me so of childhood.

  13. Anyone

    In a fond way. In retrospect that sounded almost negative. Whoopsssssssss U:

  14. Plue9

    I was just thinking this is raceist there’s no
    black people(I’m black so ya…)
    p.s. I’m only kiddingabout the raceist thing lol
    *ever noteice how the black guy dies first in alot of movies?*

  15. Arch Angel

    I think she just sumed up the whole comic in one sentince.
    P.S. Can’t spell to save my life, sorry.

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