Page 100
June 22nd, 2009

Page 100

Holy crap 100 pages!


  1. Prowlingmonkey

    I just read through your comic and I have to say, it is one of the best things I’ve read in awhile.

  2. Gamervamp

    Ehhhh~ I think I felt that one…. WOW that must HURT!
    Also ‘gratz on the 100th page! And great job keeping to schedule, what may sound weird but since you’re only the third r fourth comic to do that for me, it’s big. -huggles- here’s a 100th comic strip cupcake! i’ll make a pie for your 200th and cake for your 300th! If it goes to 1000 I’ll throw a party!

  3. Gamervamp

    Also~ The NAME is a LIE! >.< ._. i like portal


    I just relized, Max has some serious sideburns!

    I mean, look at them!!!

  5. artman_2.0

    “You show incredible potential. I’m jealous, so that’s a good reason for me to open up a can of whoop-arse on you!”

    Lol, typical.

  6. OmegaUltima

    Crap, now his hair is glowing!

  7. wildace

    so hes been going to school for about a week and hes already beat down a ton of enemies, has a super villain nemesis and now has a rival? holy crap!

  8. Jamie

    @Gamervamp: Yeah, luckily I’ve had time to dedicate to the comic, which is a mixed blessing because it also means I haven’t been able to find a job lately :p

    @Artman: Who said Max was jealous?

    @Wildace: Jack just can’t catch a break 😉

  9. merks

    ha Max is back! I dont think Jack left enough room for his fist.

  10. Katy

    Pretty good post. I just came across your blog and wanted to say
    that I’ve really liked reading your blog posts. Any way
    I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon!

  11. Deathmotto

    Woo 100!

  12. DesertRat

    Though reluctantly for Jack, inside both are thinking the same thing: Finally, a worthy opponent! This should be epic.

  13. One Rebel

    Huzzah for the 100th page! :3

  14. Andy

    The logic of Max Facepuncher, ladies and gentlemen!

  15. newllend(voidSN)

    Come down max.

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